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Good Wednesday, dear readers. We really don't have time to post today -- the Gods of work are demanding our attention. But, we had planned on writing something on branding today so... we thought we'd turn the tables and instead of offering links or insight into branding from our research, we'd ask YOU what you think of branding, and...if you brand.

What does that mean? Here's the scoop-- with citizen publishing becoming more and more popular, and with branded companies like IBM and/or Microsoft recognizing the need to communicate with people, one on one, does having a 'brand' have the same effect (or purpose) today, as it did 10, 20, even 30 years ago?

For those who have home-based businesses, or micro-businesses (under 10 employees), are you concerned with branding? If so, what are you doing to raise the awareness of your 'brand'? For that matter, what do you consider your 'brand'? Homebased_business

Is it your company name?

Your product or service?

Your promise (mission statement)?


Our reading seems to indicate that 'brand' is not the same animal it used to be. We are not going to get into its metamorphasis because, as usual, we prefer to hear from the people -- not that we don't appreciate and believe the 'experts' who report on these things. It's just that -- the people are the ones who count. The people are the ones who buy the products and services, who are influenced (or not) by advertising and marketing, and the people are responsible for every brand in existence.

At least, that's what we think. So, tell us: what do YOU think a brand is? And, how important is it to your business success?

We can't tell you what's to like about that -- because we're not sure!


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IMHO, your brand is the customer's perception of what is delivered to them. If I were a business owner, I would be fastidious about my customer touch points. Provide excellent customer experiences with mind boggling consistency. This is the part that is difficult and takes time.

The fun part is to create an image that is hard to forget and is attached to every part of your biz. Over time folks associate that advertisement with Pink Apple images with unforgettable customer experiences.

N Kelly

Interestingly my partner and I were just talking about this. We are a micro e-commerce business. Our focus to date has been closing the sale. However, we recognize that we need to start building brand awareness. It will be one of the focal points for next year. This year we changed our site to convey the feel of pampering and luxury as much as we could.

I think that branding has become more and more subtle. Gone are the days of saying your name 7 times in a commercial or showing your product several times in a spot. Brand building is now about attaching emotion to your product. Marketing then has to convey that emotion and say by the way this product can help you to feel that way and it does xxx.


Hi Jane
Chris is a tiny teeny micro-business from home but she has a brand.
My brand is me, in fact it's very me.
My business name changed from something deeply forgettable (even i've forgotten it) to Pink Apple Connections. I help couples put the zing back into their relationships.
With my new name, everyone remembers the business name, or at least the pink apple bit, and they remember me as I've always got something pink on (and always did).
they also get intrigued by what zing might mean in their relationship.
I'm told i'm bubbly and an easy conversationalist. well like all good marketers i ask lots of questions and get people talking about their favourite subject - themselves!
I think my tiny little pink business is getting there, thanks to my branding.
oops as usual, my passion for my business has run away with me and i've said more than i should.
Hope yours is zinging Jane!

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