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Dear readers - Jane has news, and a request.

Let us start at the beginning - if you will bear with us - once upon a time, when the world was young... no, perhaps that's too far back. We'll jump ahead to present day.

Today, in this gigantic world of immediate communication, a world of on-demand technology, those of us who blog know that blogging exists as the voice of the customer. But, more than that, blogging exists to bring people together. Jane is quite proud of Lip-sticking - and the numerous connections we have made via this blog. Our readers are delightful, intelligent, personable, and thoughtful - as well as informative. We are eager every day to log on to the 'net and visit all of YOUR blogs, dear readers, to learn more about life, family, business, and connecting in an increasingly disconnected world. Without blogs, we'd be swimming upstream, all by ourselves.

We hope you have noticed of late that we were lucky enough to be interviewed over at the new Fortune blog, Business Innovations. But wait! There's more! Jane (well, really...Yvonne and an 'assistant') has been invited to attend the Innovation Forum conference at the end of this month - as a guest blogger! Yes, Jane will be in NY blogging away about innovation and creativity and business, with - Gosh!- only the best in the business.

But wait! There's more!

Jane is always open, direct, and honest with you readers. We offer the links to the Fortune blog and the conference not only because we are flattered to be included in their list of outstanding interviews, but because there is a wealth of creative thought available on the blog. And, we expect the conference to fling open the doors to innovative thought processes...for us but also for YOU! as we blog away while there.

Hence...Jane wonders...if anyone out there is interested in getting noticed by the men and women - yes, WOMEN - Fortune gets it, unlike OTHER conferences that repeatedly ignore women - who will be speaking and attending this conference? We are openly soliciting sponsors.  To cover our travel expenses. Michele_wie

Yes, we have press passes for the conference, but...we are responsible for our own travel and lodging. Jane, never one to hog the spotlight (just listen to our sister that she's finally gotten over all those silly sister things we did to her way back when), would like to hand out your literature in addition to our own company information. In short, we would like to help you get noticed.

Make us an offer! Suggestions are welcome. We are eager to show off the power of small business. YOUR small business. Contact Yvonne and let's talk. Please consider at least $100... but don't stop there. Visit the conference link and tell us which speakers are important to you. Tell us who you want to hear about. Tell us what you want us to report on. 

Imagine your logo on our blog for a month! And more!

Be innovative! Step out of your comfort zone and stand in the spotlight.

Jane is ready to shine it on YOU at theFortune Innovation Forum, November 30th-December 1st.

What's not to like about that?


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Linda D. Pratt

Dear Jane and everyone visiting this site:

I am very proud and honored to be sponsor of Yvonne's trip to the Fortune Innovation Forum. As part of the Rochester Professional Consultant's Network here in Rochester, NY, we are all very proud about Yvonne's success.

If there is ever an arena that needs "innovation" as defined by creativity and out of the ordinary, it is education. I do not think there is one person in America that does not think of the education our children are receiving.

Although my expertise is in the early childhood field, research supports that investment in early childhood education pays off later in higher graduation rates, higher standards of living, and more citizens making a profitable contribution to society*. Of course, this is in adition to children knowing how to read and write, spell and add and subtract.

The business world may seem distantly aligned with finger paints and Duplos, but it is at this age where we see the beginnings of creativity and innovation, not to mention extraordinary insights as to how the world works. Anyone who has posted art from a child on a refridgerator or kept house of popsicle sticks on the fireplace mantle appreciates the thought that went into designing such a product.

As you are walking about the Forum this week, take a look at the designs and products you see. Why would people stand in line for coffee when they could make some at home? Who would every watch a program about a funeral director? Just where did someone come up with that red bull's eye anyway? Perhaps those ideas started from someone playing with a cash register, or comforting a friend, or doodling with red crayons.

Envisioning extraordinary education for ALL of our citizens is up to us if we wish to be the most creative and innovative workforce in the world. The preschoolers of today may well be the Anne Mulcahy's, Bill Gates' and Oprah Winfrey's of tomorrow.

*Yoshikawa, H. Long-Term Effects of Early
Childhood Programs on Social Outcomes and
Delinquency. Long-Term Outcomes of Early Childhood Programs, The Future of Children, Vol. 5 • No. 3 – Winter 1995

*Anderson, L.M. et al., The Effectiveness of Early Childhood Development Programs:
A Systematic Review. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2003;24(3S)

*Grunewald,R. and Rolnick, A. Early Childhood Development: Economic
Development with a High Public Return. The Region, December, 2003.

Posted by: Linda D. Pratt | November 28, 2005 at 05:37 PM

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

Thanks for letting us know about the Fortune blog. I didn't know anything about it until I read your post, and congratulations, Yvonne, at being selected by them.

Somehow use that cartoon "Yvonne. I can write for you!" in the promotional material. That cartoon is so cool and classy, it could be elevated to some alt logo for you. Very neat drawing that makes you look bubbly.

Happy ThanksLiving, and Winter Holidaze.



Steve and I are excited to sponsor you at the upcoming event!!

I enjoyed reading the Fortune Blog and your comments related to Innovation. Innovation is an important word..especially as it relates to business! Consulting with various companies on organization development and recruitment, I have seen first hand what companies are doing to foster an innovative climate.

An innovative company needs to champion and facilitate development of breakthrough solutions and ensure successful implementation of new ideas.

Amore Fashion & Accessories is a perfect example of a small but Innovative company. Please see our blog and find out what we are doing to become an innovative company.

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