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A few weeks ago Jane received a book in the mail. We receive lots of books. It's such a delight to be on the review list -- for many new, excellent books, as they are published. This book, written by Leslie Yerkes and Randy Martin, with illustrations by Ben Dewey, is a fun but serious look at why people Just Don't Get It!

The book, They Just Don't Get It!, published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. out of San Francisco, CA, "provides solutions for two of the most common problems expressed by individuals and organizations in their work and personal relationships: Ineffective communication and Resistence to Change," according to the back cover.

Approximately 138 pages, this is an easy, one-sitting, read. Jane read it while on her way to visit family in Binghamton. Short, pithy, to the point -- and full of fun. Not to dismiss the value -- no, not at all. This book should be handed out to new employees, everywhere, all the time. Right now -- today. Or, on Monday. But, soon.

One thing we especially liked about this darling little book, was the way Leslie (we assume it was Leslie, she of the Dr. Seuss surname) brought her Mom into the book. Well, Julie's Mom. The story is told from Julie's point of view.

Julie's Mom, as all Moms are, is one smart cookie! Julie's Mom could tell Jane a thing or two about marketing to women, online and off, no doubt. Julie's Mom reminded Julie that as a child, the old Chinese handcuffs game was frustrating, until one figured out that relaxing one's fingers was the ONLY way to get free. And so it is with life.

"It's the same with people around you," Julie's Mom tells her on page 66. "If you pull them or push them too hard, they will resist you and any effort you make to change them. If you ease up and give them time, and make an effort to include them in what's going on, they'll eventually come around to your point of view."They_just_dont_get_it

But, now Jane's gone and given the ending away. We say no more. Invest in this book and share it with others. One of our favorite authors, BJ Gallagher (coauthor of A Peacock in the Land of Penguins) calls this book, "A brilliant topic, with important implications for how we all work and live together. Read it and reap the benefits!"

What else is there to say? You have Jane's recommendation and BJ Gallagher's.

What's not to like about that?


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