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We have tons, yes TONS, of information on Ad:tech to share, but -- time is of the essence and we think there are other topics equally important to you, dear readers.

Ad:tech can wait for further reporting. We especially want to talk about Word of Mouth marketing. Andy Sernovitz, the Big Kahuna over at WOMMA, facilitated a panel of 'experts' who told three fascinating stories. Andy is just as we imagined -- smart, witty, and energetic. We admit that he's much younger than we expected. No reason for that -- it's just that we pictured him as a member of that good, old boys network we often encounter in our travels. The one that is slowly but surely recognizing the importance of the women's market. Andy is so far beyond those good old boys, we're embarrassed to admit we thought he might be one. And so glad we got to shake his hand at Ad:tech.

A full report on the innovative ways you can use WOM, is forthcoming. Mark that down!

Meanwhile, we have something outstanding to talk about. A new blog that came our way via email. From Fortune -- the austere, business-focused, heavy on success, magazine that Jane keeps close at hand for reference sake, on a daily basis.

From Fortune magazine comes Business Innovation 2005. Jane was contacted by a delightful young woman who introduced the new blog, and asked our input. Did we think it was worth announcing on Lip-sticking? Might we give the coming Innovation Conference some attention -- IF we thought our readers would like it?

This is what Jane has to say: you've heard us complain about some of the new buzz words floating about the blogosphere and the net, dear readers. Words such as transparency, authentic, honest ... words that are meant to define blogging, and customer relationship management. You've heard us trash these words -- because they're overdone, trendy, and fast becoming platitudes.

Well, innovation is a word we think deserves MORE attention. Innovation is what all of those other words are about. When it comes to innovation, the world needs more, not less -- with attention on the deepest meaning of what innovation is all about: the people. Lip-sticking is all about people -- mostly the female kind of people -- but in the greater scheme of things, about people of all genders, races, walks of life, and professions. We especially like to meet and greet the average folk -- those great citizens who, like us, are trying to bring customer service back in vogue.

This new blog, and the conference (if what we read is correct), takes this concept to the outer limits, in all the right ways. First of all, we like the blogroll (yes, we're on it --  how cool is that?), we like the postings (worth your time, dear readers-- the one referencing this blog, in particular, so far), and we like the focus on giving the customer more voice.

Innovation for innovation's sake isn't really new. But, at Fortune's new blog, innovation is cutting through the jargon, the cliches, and the ordinary 'creative' that calls itself innovative. We like what we see. We think you will, too.

In fact, we think their conference, scheduled for the end of the month, in NYC, is well worth the time and effort, if you're able, dear readers. We would be there but for the fact that we're travelled out! We plan to do more reporting on this, over the next few weeks...so stay tuned.

Understand one thing- a number of announcements come across our desk every week. And, in our snail mailbox. This particular one, on the Innovation conference, was compelling because -- it includes numerous FEMALE -- as in WOMEN -- as in GIRLS -- on the speaker's list.

Unlike...another large, well-known group of business professionals that are sending around literature about a conference they're planning. A conference devoid of...women speakers. So the literature which arrived on Jane's desk just this week reveals. A well-rounded list of MEN (some men that purport to support the women's market, no less), but no women.Fortune_conference_innovation2

For now, we've kept you long enough. Visit Fortune's Innovation 2005 blog. Join the likes of Elizabeth Albrycht, Toby Bloomberg, Jane, as well as a large number of exciting members of that 'other' gender, as we sharpen our pens to reveal the contents of a new Pandor's box: one that has been tightly tied up for too long. An innovative box of tools created by and for -- YOU, the people.

What, we ask you, is not to like about that?


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