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It's early for Jane, this fine Monday morning. We've already walked the dog and we're waiting for our turn in the shower. If that's too much information for you - well, we're not sorry. That's just how we are.

We popped over to the outstanding Misbehaving blog today. Obviously we've been away much too long! Those ladies have it going for them. Jane is compelled to present five of their most powerful posts, to show you how it's done. What is 'it'? Blogging. That's what.  We wish we could generate the content the Misbehaving ladies do. But, to their credit, there are many, many of them and only one of Jane (at least only one of THIS Jane.)

See if you agree with our assessment:

1. This post on Women and Girls blogging blew Jane's mind! If only we'd been paying attention, we would have had some words to contribute. What do YOU think, dear readers?

2. Writing about girls and gaming, this post says it all. To quote:

"It's so different playing with girls because you can talk about everything," said Sofie Sandager (code name: Zelena). "You can have a really good relationship outside the game. Everybody understands you. It's like having sisters."

3. In this interview with techie Tiffany Brown, we learn that women should be 'brave,' we should 'speak up' and not be afraid to ask questions. The only stupid question is -- the one unasked, of course.

4. "See Jane Compute." Need we say more? This is one link you must not ignore!Coffee2_1

5. This final post (not final as in last in a series, but final as in one Jane wants you to read because of its importance) tells an all too familiar story in the men vs. women arena. Is there a bridge, somewhere? We hope so.

Misbehaving is THE place to get inside the techie woman's brain. It's also the place for discourse, conversation, and support. Jane is embarrassed we having not been misbehaving more ourselves! We're getting a cup of java and settling in for a good read.

What's not to like about that?


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