Jane's Top Five Wants for Fortune's Innovation Conference
Jane's First Blush #1: Sir Ken

Jane Reports: Live from New York ...

Fortune Innovation Forum Here we are at the Fortune Innovation Forum ... with a Press Pass, no less. (Although we had to put on our best "persuasion" face to get the complimentary thumb drive out of the woman at the Pitney-Bowes booth, who seemed to question whether a member of the press really needed one!)

Lost and then found! We did arrive short one piece of luggage (with our give-away books and -- oh, my!-- Maryanne's shoes), but the good folks at JetBlue have already notified us they're delivering it to our hotel today.

Our plan is to post several short "first blush" reactions to the sessions we attend. Then, we'll give you more extended reports when we can.

Note to Bryan Link: Almost like magic, Scott Cook, Founder and CEO of Intuit, sat down next to us first thing this morning and we were able to deliver your note right away! He looked it over briefly and seemed to find both the name of your company, SimpliFi, and the concept of a Virtual Financial Planner like Sophie ... well, innovative!

More coming soon ...


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Bryan Link

Thanks for the post on your encounter with Scott Cook--sounds like it went swimmingly! Hope you continue to have a great experience at the conference, and keep up the great work. Best--Bryan

Linda D. Pratt

Dear Jane & everyone:

From the sounds of your blogs it seems that things are very interesting, stimulating and busy!

Linda P


Way to go ladies! Keep up the great work!

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