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Monday is winding down already, dear readers. Jane and company is preparing for our trip to NYC, tomorrow night. We're so delighted that the weather is holding up so well. At this location (Rochester, NY) we have 64 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow is predicted to be just as warm but with showers. Same for NYC. Warm, but possibly wet. We'll take it!

Short post today - a simple, What's Working and What's Not. From Old Time Candy, a site that's been on our favorite list for a long, long time!

What's Working: Just about everything! Let's start with the header:

Old fashioned candy from the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s... still available after all these years. What a great gift for any occasion!

That's an announcement that works. It's bold, it tells Jane exactly what this site has to offer, and...we're so delighted that it uses the proper form of dates: 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s... NOT 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's. The apostrophe has become an accepted use, but it's still incorrect, in Jane's book. When writing about decades in the plural, as this site does, no apostrophe is needed. Candy_you_ate_as_a_kid

We truly LOVE the cartoon (remember the ® if you quote this, please) depicting "Candy You Ate as a Kid®"... it brings back those good, old days and makes us drool for Wax Lips, Necco Wafers, Atomic Fireballs and that holiday treat: Ribbon Candy.

Notice how everything of importance is CENTERED on the page. Notice how the site displays its HackerSafe logo and the BBB logo and shows shipping costs right there, highlighted in yellow?

This user-friendly page has everything a visitor needs - right in the prime real estate. All before clicking in to the store to shop.

We love the way the site offers enlarged pics once you click in to the store. There's no guessing about what you're going to get. Donny and Karen spell it out to the T!

Notice the "Tell a friend about us" link. This is an excellent, cheap, useful way to get the word out. Let your customers do it for you!

If there is anything we don't like, something that doesn't work - it's the too small type on the navigation bar to the left, that comes up once you click into the actual store. We're still able to read it just fine, and more and more sites are adopting this tiny writing...but, just one point larger would make such a big difference. Especially here - on a site that is designed to attract the baby boomer crowd.

Boomers want navigation we don't have to squint to read. At Aging Hipsters, they offer a way to fix this issue by showing different font sizes in the upper right hand corner of their site. A very good solution.

But, other than that, this site rocks! Right down to the About Us page, with its black and white photos. Note how they say they are "actually in the 'memory business.' " This is a twosome who know how to get at the heart of their sales.

So, what's not to like about that?


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Joy Des Jardins

It is so funny you should post about this candy Yvonne. We received a box of the 70's Candy from a friend of Jory's in New York...at least we think it was from her. IT'S GREAT! What a walk down memory lane looking at all of it..some I don't even remember very well. This is a really cute idea.

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