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Smart Woman Online: Wendy Ball

Jane Speaks of Carnivals and Good Fortune

It's not often Jane gets to toot our own horn. Truth be told, women are dismal at speaking up about their accomplishments. That's a prime reason we're passed over for promotions, time and time again. We think the hard work we do is obvious - but, reality has shown a need to announce the good results from our hard work.

Here at Lip-sticking, we work hard to bring you research, tidbits, insider trading  - no, not that kind of insider trading, we mean the kind that begins with word of mouth marketing - and all manner of advice on marketing to women online. We are so fortunate to have a devout readership that shares news articles with us, a core group of dedicated readers who not only direct us to content worthy of our attention, but who share their company news with us, so that we might pass it along to others.Yvonneawardpicweb

When something exciting happens to us - as this next news will show - we blush as we report it, but report it we do. We hope this example will inspire ALL women to stand up and be counted.

First, the ThirdAge blog, where Yvonne (Jane's alter ego - see right) writes a weekly post, has just started its own Carnvial. This Carnival is destined to be a popular one - for the ThirdAge crew, readers, visitors, and all of our pets. We're just kidding about the pets. We write about them sometimes - but so far, none of them has left a comment on the blog, or the Carnival. We half-expect that to happen in the next few years, though. After all, Jane knows exactly what her pets are saying in their little mews and woofs - [mostly they're saying, "feed me"] but we think they will someday burst into song.

Do go visit the Carnival schedule for updates and more really great reading.

After you're done checking out the outstanding posts at the ThirdAge Carnival (thanks to our editor, Jory Des Jardins of Pause), Jane, on behalf of Yvonne, asks you to click into Fortune Magazine's Business Innovation Forum 2005 blog - where - Yvonne was interviewed today! On Marketing to Women Online! We admit that we're tickled pink! Even though we caution you to only use the color pink reservedly. Try a little red - really. Women will LOVE you for giving them so much power!

AND - breaking news! Our dear, dear Toby Bloomberg has a mention of the interview over at Diva Marketing. High praise, indeed. Thank you, Toby!

Gosh, what can we say except: what's not to like about that?


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Billy Williams

Hi Jane,

Above you mentioned words like accomplishment, hardworking, woman, and marketing. First of all there is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn, (as long as you're not blowing smoke). Congrats to you for your accomplishments. I love the Carnival too.

Here is a name you will see on an International level and she is the "poster child" for the aforesaid list of adjectives. Another I would add for her is Philanthropist.

Her name is ERIN KING. You must meet her! She stands for all women and has a super soul. Erin King- Giving, smart, and extremely business-like. For men only, not hard on the eyes either.

Recently, she out of 2,600 contestants won a Reality Show that aired on the FOX network entitled "ENTREPRENEURS" The Reality Show. She also spearheaded an International Charity Campaign.

Erin King will be a great asset for you. Learn more about her at www.realityshowblog.com


Billy Williams


Great interview - and a great public service to female consumers everywhere! :)

Yvonne DiVita

Chris, we don't mean to 'put off' readers to pink. We merely ask that they use it judiciously - as YOU do! As the ReThink Pink folks do - in context to your purpose, not as a "Look at my pink ribbon, bow, header, etc." that means I like women!

We are quite fond of pink (and it's first cousin red) but not when the goal is to be 'girlie' or too much of a Barbie Doll.

We applaud your pink apple, and Toby Bloomberg's pink boa, and the pink ribbon for breast cancer. It's a case of WOMEN choosing pink because we like it; as opposed to MEN choosing pink to put the women they know in a box.

Does that make sense?

Chris Owen

Jane, Jane, NOOOO!
Please don't put your readers off pink! As a devotee of pink, I feel sad but as a business woman with a business called Pink Apple Connections, I'm horrified!
No, No Jane! Not Pink, ANY colour but pink!

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