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Jane Gets it but 'They' Just Don't

Jane Works Out the Bugs

We hope this fine Saturday morning (oops...just looked at the clock, it's afternoon) finds you all in rare form, dear readers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks dealing with bad weather, left over from days ago, or part of the weekend as we speak. And, to our blog friends who are under the weather.

Jane is scrambling to finish our presentation for Ad:Tech NY. We leave tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn. There will be a full day in the big city -- to wander about a bit, then lie around the hotel and practice, practice, practice.

For the last few months we've been in blogging mode. Our presentations have centered around the business use of blogs. A subject near and dear to our heart, of course. But, in NY, we are speaking on Dickless Marketing. Smart Marketing to Women Online. Showing people why they need to leave those old Dick and Jane mentality behind, in the schoolroom, and get with it in the new millennium, where Jane comes before Dick.

To that end...we must beg off today. It's been some time since we visited the Dick and Jane story, much less talked about it. Yes, we know all the stats, and we have our 30-second elevator pitch down, but...this presentation requires a more focused approach.

To Stephanie -- we will BRING the comfy shoes. We will wear them as we walk around the trade show. At the presentation, though -- for one hour -- we will wear the spiked heels. They're just so feminine. And don't hurt at all, in small doses.

We like your challenge -- to show the world comfort is at least as important as fashion. As soon as we are done presenting, the comfy shoes come out and stay on our feet. [although, Jane does reserve the right to change our mind, even at the last minute; opting for fashionable AND comfort, if only there is such a thing).

Toots, dear readers. Stay tuned. We have a book review for tomorrow, and will try to report from NY on Monday and Tuesday.

What's not to like about that?


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