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Jane's First Blush #2: W. Chan Kim's Blue Ocean

Womanreporter_1 W. Chan Kim, co-author of Blue Ocean StrategyBlue Ocean Strategy spoke about using innovation to "make your competition irrelevant." He advised us not to operate within boundaries, but to move them. Great advice.

But the thing he said that resonated most strongly with Jane? He said he learned a lot more from his readers' feedback and would have written a better book if he'd gotten the feedback before it was published.

Sounds like a blog-to-book project to us! We'll definitely have more to say about this.


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Michael Bolden


I am setting up a blog on aspects of marketing strategy. I have an extension of Blue Ocean Strategy which I have written about - would love to talk to you live via phone about your blog. Please e-mail at [email protected] to discuss.

Thank You,


dave kees

This book, Blue Ocean Strategy, is kinda like the authors' Blue Ocean, isn't it? I guess they are under a lot of pressure to come up with some new and clever way to look at the market.

The problem with the book is that it is over-hyped and actually deceptive. The primary examples given in the book were people who never set out to create a Blue Ocean.

They were all people just doing what they loved and had a passion for and they wound up in a Blue Ocean. They did not sit down and plan a Blue Ocean Strategy to get rich or dominate the market or whatever.

I wrote to Steve Wozniak about this and he confirmed it. They were doing what they loved.

So that is the key to success.

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