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Jane's Top Five Wants for Fortune's Innovation Conference

Here are the Top 5 Things Jane hopes to accomplish at the Fortune Innovation Forum Conference. We hope, dear readers, that you will bear with us. It's our desire to represent small businesses, women-owned businesses, and the blogosphere. This trip is not designed to create attention for Lip-sticking, though we expect that will happen. Our main hope is to prove that small businesses ROCK! And to get Fortune Magazine and all the top CEOs in attendance at this event to pay more than lip-service to Jane and all of our friends.[yes, we know you have a 'small business' section on your website - we want better representation - find Jane and ask how.]

To that end, we share our top 5 hopes, but encourage YOU to send your needs, thoughts, hopes, criticisms, and accolades - that we might share them with these giants of the corporate world.

First - we hope to talk to a number of folks, especially Chris Albrecht, Chairman and CEO of HBO, Minda Grainek, vp and creative director for Target, David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor, Internet and Technology at Fortune, and all the other bloggers who were invited.

Second - we hope to represent our sponsors by giving away some books, handing out flyers with their logos and URLs and generally chatting them up. They are responsible for our being in NY - if we can get them some attention, we'll do so.Yvonnepicsm72

Third - we hope to rub shoulders with other bloggers, small business professionals, marketing managers, and more. The goal here: to find some talented writers with stories to tell. 

Fourth - we hope to discover why more businesses aren't blogging. Perhaps to show some newbies the value of blogging.

Fifth - we hope to forge friendships. Though we will only be there for two days, we plan on smiling a lot, listening a lot, writing a lot, and doing what women do best: building community.

There's nothing left to say except: what's not to like about that? NY here we come!


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Mary Anne Shew

Jane is vitality in action. Continual growth, expanding intellectually as well as in business smarts, and survival personified. You're the perfect person to observe and record the Fortune conference goings-on.

The access to innovators is a priceless opportunity to learn. And as those of us who are blessed to know you personally are aware, those innovators could learn much from you.

So, Jane, knock 'em dead there in the Big Apple! I hope the folks at the Fortune conference are ready for the power and reach of you and your blog...


And we're all behind you!!!
Go forth and prosper!!

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