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Smart Woman Online: Wendy Ball

Dear readers, today's impressive interview is with Wendy Ball, Director of Marketing and Executive Relations, FORTUNE Conferences - and came directly from our recent interview on their new blog, Business Innovation. Jane, never one to be shy, asked for this interview to give you, our so delightful readers, a chance... Read more →

Jane Speaks of Carnivals and Good Fortune

It's not often Jane gets to toot our own horn. Truth be told, women are dismal at speaking up about their accomplishments. That's a prime reason we're passed over for promotions, time and time again. We think the hard work we do is obvious - but, reality has shown a... Read more →

Jane Says: Get Innovative! Here are Five Suggestions

Now that we have traveling out of our system - for a time, anyway - we plan on getting back on track. That means offering our usual Tuesday Fit by Five, our Wednesday news and reviews, and our so popular Thursday interviews. Before we get into the Five Ways to... Read more →

Jane Gets Educated

The past few weeks have been very educational for Jane, dear readers. We feel as if we're getting the hang of this 'blogging' thing. It's so much more than a communications tool. It's so much more than networking and connecting, although those are highly important parts of what it is.... Read more →

Jane Innovates with the Best of Them

We have tons, yes TONS, of information on Ad:tech to share, but -- time is of the essence and we think there are other topics equally important to you, dear readers. Ad:tech can wait for further reporting. We especially want to talk about Word of Mouth marketing. Andy Sernovitz, the... Read more →

Jane Reports on NY

We have a moment...only a moment, dear readers. But, enough time to bring you more news from the showroom floor at Ad:Tech NY. Albeit, a POST-show report. We will save the story of our not-so-acceptable room for a later time. In truth, the room wasn't 'un'-acceptable, but -- it could... Read more →

Jane is Running as Fast as She Can

Dear readers, Jane is trying to keep up. Really we are! There is so much much we are desperate to share with you! But, time is not on our side right now. We are just back from Ad:Tech, where a crowded room eagerly listened to Yvonne talk Marketing to... Read more →