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Smart Woman Online: Wendy Ball

Dear readers, today's impressive interview is with Wendy Ball, Director of Marketing and Executive Relations, FORTUNE Conferences - and came directly from our recent interview on their new blog, Business Innovation. Jane, never one to be shy, asked for this interview to give you, our so delightful readers, a chance to hear from someone else working on behalf of marketing to women online. Wendy shines a bright light on Fortune Magazine, one that we think has a nice glow to it. We hope you think so, too.

Lip-sticking: Welcome to Lip-sticking, Wendy. Before getting into the 'guts' of our interview -- tell our readers a bit about yourself. We like to know the personal stuff; like if you're married? Any children? Dogs? Cats? Favorite meal? Favorite vacation spot? Tell us WHO you are and why we should read the rest of this interview (besides the fact that Jane says so.)

Wendy: Personally, I have a pioneering spirit and love finding new frontiers in marketing and communication, such as your blog [we're blushing!]. Read this interview if you are interested in innovation; in finding new ways to solve problems. I am happy to be the messenger to let your audience know about a great program where many of today's most successful brands will be on the roster. In just a day and a half attendees will get to take away plenty of ideas. As women, we're all about efficiency! [spoken like a true lady!]

Lip-sticking: Now, tell us about The FORTUNE Innovation Forum. We're all about innovation.

Wendy: There is no doubt that success depends on one's ability to innovate. The FORTUNE Innovation Forum is designed to help all participants see, think and go beyond business as usual.

The Forum is set up to help participants seek out successful opportunities and learn the necessary tools to compete, grow, and create value within their organization. Our list of confirmed speakers includes a collective force of leaders in business innovation who will inspire participants looking to get a jump on their competition, grow their business, and provide value for customers and stakeholders.

Lip-sticking: How do you think the FORTUNE Innovation Forum will benefit women?

Wendy: Female Corporate Executives as well as Female business owners are participating in this Forum in great numbers, which will give them the opportunity to exchange perspective with other women who have successfully developed innovative strategies, tactics, models, and mindsets. Our women speakers add value to this environment and will help all participants, including the sizeable number of women in attendance, answer business and technology questions.

Lip-sticking: Tell us your forecast for the success of women in business.

Wendy: The number of women CEO's in the U.S. foreshadows the success of women in business. There are more women running FORTUNE 500 companies this year than there were last year. Currently, 9 FORTUNE 500 companies are run by women, and a total of 19 FORTUNE 1000 companies have women in the top job. I expect to see these numbers consistently rise as a greater number of women continue moving up the corporate ladder.

Lip-sticking: We feel that it's important to incorporate gender balance into the speaker's format , which you've done so nicely at the Forum. Why is this important to Fortune?

Wendy: At FORTUNE, we believe that innovation is truly everyone's business, and that certainly includes women. FORTUNE recognizes the power innovative women hold and we are dedicated to ensuring that women have the tools to have a successful impact on the business world. With women represented on the Forum speaker roster [hear, hear!], Fortune guarantees quality perspectives from women who have led the way in creating a culture of innovation, creativity and inspiration. This is true diversity.

Lip-sticking: Fortune Magazine --  we can't help noting that it creates images of blue-suited men smoking cigars in a stuffy board room. That's not what Fortune is about, is it? Clear the air, here. Add some refreshing feminism to that image. Fortune_magazine

Wendy: Speaking of images, have you seen our latest cover story? FORTUNE 50 Most Powerful Women in Business issue [of course! who would miss it?]. We also host a 'by invitation only' conference related to this issue: the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women in Business Summit, which just wrapped up in Pasadena last week. Also, one of the most legendary business journalists of all time, Carol Loomis, built her distinguished 51 year career at FORTUNE. [say, can you get us an interview with HER?]


Dear readers, Jane feels a softer kinship with Fortune now. Not only because we are flattered that they interviewed us for their blog, but because - as Wendy shows - they are eager to include women in their business focus.

We say, what's not to like about that?


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