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Smart Man Online: WOMMA's own Andy Sernovitz

This week we're bringing you some good, old fashioned Word of Mouth Marketing, dear readers. Via Andy Sernovitz, our Smart Man Online, and president and founder of WOMMA: Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Seems to us that this is something the marketing and advertising world should have started LOOOooonngg ago!... Read more →

Jane Presents: A Christmas Fit by Five

As the days wind down and Christmas creeps ever closer - Jane wishes all a very merry holiday. Understanding the various holidays, in addition to the Christian celebration, is an important part of being female-friendly. After all, women are the caretakers of the holiday season...all year long. For this week's... Read more →

Smart Woman Online: Christine from Stonyfield Farm

Dear Readers, Jane is tickled red and green with sparkles to bring you today's Smart Woman Online, Christine Halvorson. Christine is a professional blogger - that's right - she gets paid to blog! Her work is featured at the Stonyfield Farm website and blog. She's a delightful young lady, warm... Read more →