Jane's First Blush #2: W. Chan Kim's Blue Ocean
Smart Woman Online: Nancy Mills

Jane Catches up with Fortune

Dear readers, Jane is just back from NY and the Innovation Forum conference. Technology was not our friend on this trip. We struggled to get posts up...only to lose them in the 'save' cycle. Not to be outdone, we reverted to that old fashioned way of reporting: pen and paper.

Rest assured, we have copious notes - and will report on the Innovation Forum over the next few weeks, at intervals of our choosing. Let it be known that the conference was a great learning experience. There is much to share - both good and not-so-good (we have suggestions for Woman_talking_to_man Fortune)...

But, today...we are working on an interview. We have such an innovative lady to bring you, a truly Smart Woman Online, that she bumps any reporting on our NY trip. One of the most outstanding things about our Smart Woman Online, Nancy Mills, is her sticktoitiveness - Nancy gets what she wants! She wanted a blog-centric website, with specific elements, and she scoured Heaven and Earth for the right people to help her - only to end up building it herself!

That's innovation! That's not settling for less! That's what strong, innovative, smart women do...

Click back later today and discover more exciting things about Nancy (and stay tuned for some solid results from the forum - results that can help YOU innovate in 2006)...

Say, what's not to like about that?


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Linda D. Pratt

Dear Jane:

Glad you are back safely from your informative and entertaining trip! Looking forward to your insights on the blog (or in person at RPCN meetings)!

Linda P

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