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Monday morning- well,'s not moring. It was when Jane logged on, but various distractions have prevented us from moving along at the pace we would have chosen. Hence, it is now afternoon.

No never mind. It's still Monday, right? Here's the latest, from Jane's trolling the blogosphere in search of marketing to women online advice: blogs, blogs, and more blogs.

We're curious, dear readers - how many blogs do you read? Do you read journal blogs or is your concentration on business blogs? Are there a select few that you subscribe to - from the millions and millions logged in at the blog search engines? Do you find blogs worthwhile - or, are they too much information?

We ask these questions in response to some recent news articles and blog posts we've read talking about the worthiness of blogs in business. As we approach a new year, we're planning changes in how Lip-sticking is presented. No, not in design, in content. When we began Lip-sticking, our focus was on marketing to women online. We were, and to a large extent are still, the only blog with this unique focus - to teach others how to market to women online.

Over the last two years, we have found ourselves writing posts on marketing online, in general; on what men want online; where the teen and tween market is going; and various other topics - all of which feed into our goal to market to women who shop online. At one point we attempted to include  fiction in our mix, but that did not go over well.

All in all, going forward, though we do not plan on abandoning our marketing to women online focus, we hope to bring you more news, via the blogs we read, relevant to business marketing and how the blogosphere is helping, or hindering, your success in being online.

Meanwhile, over at our good friend Toby Bloomberg's Diva Marketing blog, we see a Carnival of sorts. If anyone has her pulse on marketing in the new millennium, it's Toby. To Toby's credit, she has put together a veritable cornucopia of information from across the blogosphere - and Jane is thrilled to be among the blogs she cites. [we LOVE Michele Miller's pooch-picture!]

We also notice that our friend and top-blawger, Dennis Kennedy, has posted his awards for the Blawggies (Dennis, we would have only used one -g-). It's an informative read, and introduces some blawgs you may not otherwise find. Dennis is one innovative guy - along with Matt Homann - who posted a family pic for the holiday. Jane must remember to CALL THEM...since we have a question or two only they can answer. [no, the questions are not for free legal advice; we have our own Tom for that.]

Our last message, before signing off, is to encourage all to partake of Evelyn Rodriquez's January pilgrimage to Thailand. It's her return to the Tsunami tortured land she was vacationing in a year ago. Share in her musings and photos as she mingles with people - young and not so young, alike - and communes with the spirit of life. In the end, it's all about the spirit of life and the people, isn't it? Evelyn_thailand_1yearlater

We think 'it'...whatever that may mean ... is about the people, everywhere. It's about exchanging ideas and stories. It's about looking into one another's eyes and actually hearing in our hearts, what is written there. We wish Evelyn well. Her descriptive postings are vivid with the colors and smells of a world we will probably never see. Her words and pictures give us pause. We know they will help shape our perspective for the New Year.

Dear readers, we hope you are enjoying a relaxing holiday, be that what it may. We hope there are friends and relatives around you. We hope the children in your midst are cuddled, protected, and revered. We hope you are embracing your Moms and Grandmoms, your Dads and GrandDads. Sisters and brothers, cousins and neighbors. We hope your pets are providing that unconditional love, as only pets do. And, we hope you are looking to 2006 with a sparkle in your eyes.

Jane is. Stay tuned.


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Yvonne - thanks for the shout out and your kind words. What's not to like from some ho ho ho holiday blogs? All the very, very best to you in thing I know is that we're going to see more smart, savvy posts on Lip-Sticking.

Dennis Kennedy


Interestingly (at least to me, if not others), I actually consulted with Denise Howell, who coined the term "blawg," and we decided that blawggies with 2 g's seemed right, although I recall that we both preferred "blawger" over "blawgger." Coining terms apparently is not as easy as it looks because these thorny questions do arise.

Thanks for reading and mentioning my blog posts and for your many kindnesses over the course of this year. We do need to get caught up on what we are doing one of these days soon.


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