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Dear readers, as we count down to 2006, Jane presents something innovative - well, maybe just unusual. You will be the judge.

Since this is our last interview of the year, and since we plan on making changes to this blog come 2006, we thought it appropriate to bring you a special interview - with our alter-ego, Yvonne, the one who really writes this blog.

Yvonne qualifies as a Smart Woman Online by virtue of the fact that she coined the phrase. Locally, in her hometown, she's often referred to as that "Dickless Marketing" lady, a phrase often accompanied by a snicker. We're happy to report, the snickers are turning into chuckles...and more and more people are able to now say "Dickless Marketing" out loud. There are still those who refer to Yvonne's book as merely Smart Marketing to Women Online...and Yvonne doesn't mind. But, when she meets a brave soul, male or female, who can actually SHOUT the name across the room - it just tickles her pink!

Let's hear what Yvonne has planned for Lip-sticking, and marketing to women online, for the new year:

Lip-sticking: For newbies, explain the purpose of this blog and why you write as 'Jane.'

Yvonne: This is kinda fun! I always knew that talking to myself would pay off someday! Okay, this blog is focused on the women's market. Online. When I wrote my famous book, Dickless Marketing (to newbies, notice how often I use certain keyword phrases in this interview; if you would have your blog get noticed by search engines and other bloggers, you need to provide your keyword phrases within your content, NOT just in your tags!) my goal was to show small business owners - male and female alike - that the women's market online was where they should be putting their time and talent. And, how to do so, via the voice of 'Jane', who represents the women's market online.

In order to keep the momentum moving, I had planned on starting an online newsletter. When I was encouraged to blog I pooh-poohed the idea. But, finally gave in. Boy am I glad! This has been one of the most amazing things I've ever done! I love blogging -- and connecting with people all over the world. Say, as you like to note, Jane, what's not to like about that?

Lip-sticking: This blog is approaching year 3 - do you have changes in store? What's on the table for 2006?

Yvonne: Hmm...I like to surprise people. You know, creep up behind them in alleyways and shout, "Boo!" I get a whole lot of neat stuff when they drop their bags and run off screaming.

No, really...I'm kidding. I do like to surprise my readers and the only way to do that online is to throw new things at them via the blog. If I give it all away now, how can I create mystery?

Okay...I'll give you a hint: first of all, Jane, I'm giving you a vacation. It's time to add MY voice to this blog. Second: there will be fewer posts, but more focused ones. I hope to be more useful... I'd like to add more blog and website reviews, more substantial information on the women's market online and...more. I do have one surprise that I won't reveal. Stay tuned!

Lip-sticking: We're reading a lot of 'stuff' on the effectiveness of blogs, on the overwhelming undisciplined nature of the blogosphere, and on this type of communication being a passing fad - what do you think?

Yvonne: First of all, Jane, I don't pay you to read trash. Why aren't you following the blogs I gave you to read? Anyway, that's what all of that 'stuff' is - trash. Honestly... Mainstream Media must be running scared to keep writing it. Here's what I think...based on my experience...

1. Blogs are only as effective as the person managing or writing them. Without a clear focus, and a goal, a blog is just a journal - which is not a bad thing. I read lots of 'journal blogs' and I learn a lot from them. Never forget, if you're a professional blogger - writing for a BUSINESS - those journal bloggers are your CUSTOMERS. Don't you want to know what they're writing about you?

2. For the undisciplined nature of the blogosphere - it can appear that way. To the uninitiated. But, we bloggers (professionally speaking) take our writing very seriously. We are building disciplines into our postings. This is still a new communications tool...no one can really say where it will be next year...I for one will be watching it evolve over the next few years, and actively participating wherever I can. Sometimes being 'undisciplined' is another word for innovative.

3. Passing fad? Was the fax machine a passing fad? Was the personal PC a passing fad? Is the Internet a passing fad? Passing for a fabulous way to connect and grow your business, maybe.

Lip-sticking: Who are your favorite bloggers in the whole Universe?

Yvonne: You, Jane. :-) (how self-serving can one get???)

No, really...I can't answer that. I cite my favorite bloggers all the time. I find new ones every week. To be perfectly honest, I favor women bloggers. Not because they're better or more lucid or anything else...it's just that I need to understand them in order to make this blog work. So, I support women bloggers - no matter what they write.

Lip-sticking: What's on your writing agenda for the coming year? Any new books in the works?

Yvonne: So glad you asked, Jane. Yes, I have a couple of new books coming out in 2006. One is a book I've been talking about (on my other blog, Aha!) for such a long time, I'm sure folks think I'm never going to finish it - that's The 'How to Write a Book' Book...with advice on writing, but more importantly, essays from published writers talking about how they wrote their books. Interested parties can email me if they'd like to add an essay to this book, which will be offered as a free download on WME Books, until it gets too big. Then, it will be sold for a small fee, with the proceeds going to support other writers and a charity of my choice.

My other book is the second in the Dickless Marketing series. SMARTER Marketing to Women Online. That, too, is taking longer than anticipated. I may need help with it. Help from the readers of this blog. I'm writing on multiculturalism, on changes in what women do online, and on blogging - the social network aspects as it applies to the women's market. What else do readers want to know? And, should I copy Robert Scoble and write the book on the blog???

Lip-sticking: So, we always ask our interviewees...if they shop online. Tell us how much of your holiday shopping was done online. And, tell us how important the touchy-feely part of shopping is to your shopping experiences.

Yvonne: I did ALL my shopping online. I HATE going to the store, even the grocery store. People are so -- rude! First of all, parking is a chore. Second, I always get the cart with the broken wheel. Third, when I get to the check-out counter, someone is always coming or going, or the person in front of me insists on paying with a check that won't clear. <big sigh> How much wasted time is that??

As for the touchy-feely thing - sorry. Don't understand it. I know what lettuce feels like, I know what bread feels like, I know what tomatoes feel like. I don't need to go to the store to feel them. When it comes to clothes, I have some trusted sites I shop at - sites that give me what they advertise, that make it easy for me to check-out, and that give me several options for returns, if that becomes necessary. Buynow_woman_1

I'm a big shopper - it's in my blood. Shopping online gives me the opportunity to get what I need (even groceries - yes, I buy a lot of groceries online) in much less time with much less effort. This opens up lots of time for other things - like romance. And no, I'm not revealing anything personal about my love life! There are other kinds of blogs for that! [so I hear, I don't really know, or course]

Lip-sticking: As a sign-off comment, tell the readers what your favorite Sunday comic is.

Yvonne: Hmm...it has to be Pickles, because of the cat. I also like Non-Sequitor.


That, dear readers, is that. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the voice behind Lip-sticking. We hope you'll participate in future posts and give Jane more to write about. As for Yvonne, she's never at a loss for words, as you just discovered.

Say, what's not to like about that?


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Interviewing one's alter ego may appear to be an innovative approach to blogging but I am here to declare that as Yvonne's sister, I'm kind of worried. Can anyone say bipolar?
Just kidding, she's so much fun and these are the things that make coming into to work with her a hoot. Honestly though, if she does an interview in the future with a guy named "We", there may be a reason for us to be a little concerned. (He's her imagineray office worker!)

Koan Bremner

Yvonne - you truly *are* a smart woman online. Your insights and passion for what you do are a real inspiration to this particular would-like-to-be-smarter woman. I look forward to what you have to share with us (well, with *me*, if I'm being selffish!) in 2006.

Jane - thank you for finally interviewing Yvonne! Cheers, Koan (and her alter ego, Miss Frisky)



Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Making a list to thank everyone who commented on my blog in 2005 - you did - thank you! List to post later today. Best wishes for 2006!


Very creative and fun. Glad 'Yvonne' will be popping in more often on Lip-Sticking. All the very, very best for 2006!

Laura Bennett

Yvonne, brilliant entry - love it. I have to admit that when I first started reading your blog, it really annoyed me! I really didn't like the alter-ego representation at all but I kept reading it because you have great insights. Your approach has grown on me over the years and your blog is one of only a few I recommend to my newbie blog-reading entrepreneurial and marketing friends.

While I'm asking, I'm curious (since my focus is on pets as well as marketing to women) - do you have a pet or two? You mention your favorite Sunday funny was because of the cat - can we take this as a sign you have a few four legged friends in your life too? I don't recall you mentioning it before and I like to highlight bloggers who consider their pets as part of their family.

Rosa Say

Such fun Yvonne! You are such a delight and teach us all how to blog with fun, playfulness, humor and joy while you teach so much. You continue to inspire, and I can't wait to see what will unfold here in 2006.
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou - Happy New Year!

Phil Gerbyshak

Great post Jane! Though I am a guy, I still enjoy reading your stuff, and am glad you'll be sharing the spotlight with Yvonne in 2006!

Here's to a GREAT 2006!

Joy Des Jardins

What a GREAT interview Jane. I just LOVE that Yvonne lady. Don't we all? We'll be looking forward to whatever you have in store for us in 2006. Happy New Year to BOTH of you!

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