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Hi, My Name is Yvonne

As expected, there are piles of magazines, emails, and phone messages threatening to strangle me if I don't get to them. At times like this, upon returning from a trip where I didn't bother to check email or answer my phone (what was I thinking?), I think back to a story a good friend told me several years ago.

This gentleman was a great entertainer [Dennis, where are you?]. I have fond memories of his funny, delightful stories. I wish he hadn't moved far, far away...but he did. Before he left, he told me a story from his marketing days. In that old Dick and Jane world of the 20th century, he was an executive at a high-end, NY marketing firm. His boss was quite the curmudgeon - but brilliant, so my friend told me. Anyway, once a quarter this influential, high-powered, wealthy businessman would clear his desk -- by sweeping his arm across it, effectively letting everything tumble into the waste paper basket. [gasp!]

Ah, if only I were so brave!

Since I must get back to the paperwork, the email notes, and the phone messages, let me steer you to some great reading today...

Over at Lisa Delman's "Heartfelt Matters" blog, you'll find a recent interview with ME...but the me you hardly ever get to talk to. Lisa interviewed the Mom, Yvonne. I need to get in and help her with the text formatting, but...check it out. And, give Lisa a holler. She's interested in doing more interviews. I'll be posting more on her up-coming Mother-Daughter project, soon. Isn't she clever... with her 'Mother's Day Cafe' focus?

Andy Wibbels, whose book Blog Wild! [available April 9th] should be out doing some fabulous podcast interviews with a number of marketing folks. I'm one of them, from a couple of weeks ago. Andy is one of those up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a whole lot of creativity, a terrific smile, and an easy-going attitude about life. His blogging expertise is phenomenal, though. I found this one to be especially helpful. Check it'll never go wrong by adding Andy to your blogroll and your bloglines.

My last note is about my new best friend, Scott Ginsberg, author of The Power of Approachability. Scott was the luncheon keynote at WOMBAT, last week. I have one word to describe his presentation (which was...him...not a powerpoint or a lecture or some lame speech) and that word is: Approachable. Blogger

I was prepared to like Scott...gee, what's not to like about a nice guy who wears a nametag all the time?
I wasn't prepared to admire Scott, but I do. Admire is the second word I would use to describe Scott. He's someone you can admire because he's creative and friendly and just a regular guy, in a superior, approachable way.

Scott wrote about me, and Dickless Marketing, on his blog. And, when I left a comment...golly, didn't he call me on the phone??? We had such a delightful chat, I have to say that it made my day!So, the third word I would use to describe Scott is...exciting. In a get-on-the-phone-and- make-friends kind of way.

You need to buy Scott's book, and give his blog a look-see. 

I need to go make myself a name-tag. I just can't figure out what to put on it: Hi, my name is Yvonne? Or, Hi, my name is Jane? Or, Hi, Don't be Smart - Ask me how.



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Can i be around when you trial the "Don't Be Dickless - Ask Me How".
I SOOOOOOO wish I'd thought of that.
I love the thought of the shock (and sometimes outrage) it must create!!!

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