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Jane resists the inclination to post New Year's resolutions -- they're so old hat! Instead, we vow to continue our work bringing you the most relevant marketing to women online content we can find. Along with our own opinions, research, conversations, and eavesdropping. [yes, dear readers, sometimes Jane pretends she is reading the paper when she is actually listening to the folks next to her...]

Today, we have a number of other chores to finish, but we want to leave you with this news straight from the folks over at WOMMA, and noted on our good friend Zane's blog, also. Zane, we can't wait to see you there!

As announced here in a previous post, Yvonne is speaking at WOMBAT - the Word-of-mouth Basic Training camp, in Orlando, on January 19-20. If that isn't great enough - Andy, the Pres of WOMMA, and a recent Smart Man Online, is auctioning off 20 passes to the event, for charity.

Check it out at this blog post. You know word-of-mouth is the BEST way to raise money for charity. You know, Jane does not have to tell you that women are tired of getting those annoying phone calls during dinner...and while we have good intentions of supporting your favorite charity, when we get those announcements via snail mail - we generally put them 'aside' for later, and then...forget about them. But, since women are enormously philanthropic ...

We congratulate WOMMA on this excellent effort. Help us help visiting the blog and "bidding early, bidding often," to help them raise the $20,000 they're aiming for.Computers_in_love

By doing so, you not only support the various charities noted on the WOMBAT blog, you also show non-profits the power of fund-raising on the net, via blog. It's the only way to go!

Meanwhile...Yvonne hopes to see you in Orlando. Write and let her know you're coming...[use code yvonnesentme to save $100]

There is nothing not to like about that!


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Wendy Maynard

Hi Yvonne,

Me again! Thanks for your post. You missed my goals. I posted them on December 30:

Best, Wendy

P.S. Can you send me more information about BlogHer?

Yvonne DiVita

Jane, and Yvonne, send a hearty thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this little blog! We are surrounded by such talent...and such friendship...we pale by comparison. shine like a bright star in a deep blue sky - keep up the great writing.

Wendy Maynard

Hi Yvonne,

Just popping in to say hello to one of my favorite bloggers.

Have a wonderful and successful New Year!

Best, Wendy Maynard

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