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Marketing to Women Online: A Futuristic Fit by Five

Ever since our book Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online came out, reports across the net have been remarking on the upswing in online shopping. Sometimes reports mention gender, most often, they do not. When we go online to find information on the habits and actions of women online, we visit a few select places for qualified insight. Here are five of them, with some comment on recent reports:

1. Pew Internet and American Life Project - Most important take-away of recent news:

"...our data show that men and women are more similar than different in their online lives, starting with their common appreciation of the internet’s strongest suit: efficiency. Both men and women approach with gusto online transactions that simplify their lives by saving time on such mundane tasks as buying tickets or paying bills."

The report says women are 'catching up to men' but...other reports, by other news agencies [see below], put women ahead of men in Internet use...all the way back to 2002. Regardless of the stats, Jane predicts that women will continue to dominate the net via social networking (such a blogs), MySpace pages, and other as-yet-to-be-developed, creative communicating connections.

2.  eMarketer - Most recent news and take-away for Women Online:

"Females have rapidly grown comfortable with technology and the Internet. As of 2004, they comprised 51.6% of US Internet users, and that figure is expected to rise. This growth is already affecting everyone who does business on the Internet."

The report containing this news, and more, is available for $695, a bit high for Jane's tastes, but the teaser is well worth the read. It proves that women are accessing the net for various reasons, most often involved with shopping and communicating, which will drive the way the net grows in the next few years. Think: female-friendly, a concept Jane has been pushing for two years now.

3.  We often visit Diversity Inc. for the latest in business news on women. While this magazine (and website: subscription required) does not focus on the net, as we do, it does provide a glimpse into the diverse cultures all around us. Most relevant take-away of recent news articles:

"The feminist movement that took root in the 1960s embraced the concept of women as standing shoulder-to-shoulder in their effort to open new doors in male-dominated businesses, USA Today reports. But today, with the number of women in the labor force at record numbers, another question is being raised: In the workplace, are women sometimes their own worst enemies?"

This short article shows the disparity in journalistic reports on what women do in the workplace. Citing a USA Today story, it would have us believe that the sisterhood is at risk. No so! Jane says women are banding together in tighter, stronger groups today - as a force to be reckoned with! And, we're gathering in ever-growing numbers ... online!

4. The Center for Women's Business Research continues to provide many of the stats on women in business, that Jane's quotes here. Our best take-away:

Too numerous to post. Visit the site. It contains a multitude of stats, reports, studies, and advice. To consolidate - it Rocks!

5. Looksmart's Find Articles is another favorite online site we use to gather information. Latest take-away from this resource:

This article, a Business Wire report out of Dublin, Ireland, points to the growing power of women: "women are now the leading Internet shoppers, in terms of both volume and value." The story goes on to note women's growing ability to purchase high-end products, as our income increases, along with our education.

We find this site useful when we need a specific focus. For instance, further investigation revealed this little tidbit from a story on WITI [Women in Technology International]: "Women on Holiday Shopping: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" What does it mean? According to the article, women who completed the survey said they were keen on "purchasing Women_shopping_onlinetechnology gifts this year."

Furthermore, it was noted that, "eStores and brick-and-mortar stores score high on women's shopping" visits - and referral sources. [we feel the urge to do a little referring ourselves: visit this link for some interesting word-of-mouth marketing]

Jane was especially thrilled with this line, "The survey revealed that in addition to purchasing gifts for friends and family...there is an increasing trend of women buying technology gifts for themselves."

We have nothing left to say, except...what's not to like about that?



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Paco Underhill of Envirosell makes the point that women, in their jobs, are the ones forced to keep up with everyday desktop business technology. Also, because of the time crunch caused by trying to keep up with work and home, women make use of the efficiency of modern technology -- such as ATMs -- much more than the (male) researchers expected.

Me personally: I think that the geeky men are noisy early adopters, but it's the women using the technology to Get Stuff Done, including shopping online.

Pass the word!

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