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Sometimes, when I begin a post, I lapse back into the 'Jane' persona. She's a big part of who I am when I write this blog - a figment of everyone's imagination, pulled in from the mid-twentieth century days of those basal readers. I've noticed a number of 'Jane' websites, 'Jane' personas in articles on marketing to women (online and off), and just a recognition that like the name 'Mary,'  'Jane' has her place in modern society. I hope it's right next to Dick, and not trailing behind him.

Meanwhile, a number of fascinating and worthwhile announcements have come across my desk this week. I have the exciting advantage these days of being on the mailing list of a number of marvelous marketers - one very important one being Susan Getgood. I am a fond reader of her blog, Marketing Roadmaps, for the keen insight she brings to the profession of marketing. No one else that I know of quite approaches things the way Susan does. It's a testament to the way she works that she shares so much of her talent with the rest of us, via her blog.

Once again, Susan is participating in something of particular interest to me - something I thought you would like to know about. It's a charity auction via our friends (well, I don't know anyone there, but...they're friendly folk, no doubt) at HP. See Susan's update on her blog, here. The fun part is that this is all part of the Sundance Film Festival!! Whoohoo!Sundance_film_festival

This is some of what Susan wrote to me:

"The Sundance auction, which benefits Habitat for Humanity, starts February 6th, but this time, we’re blogging from the film festival. And it’s on the blog where we are first publishing the names of the stars who’ve agreed to participate in the charity auction.

"Yes, you read that right: HP is using a blog as a primary method to disseminate news. Now, granted, not news related to its core business, and definitely news well suited to online outreach. And we are also doing PR outreach in the traditional fashion. But there won’t be a traditional press release about the auction until the festival is over, whereas we are releasing the names of the stars on the blog as they join.

"Bottom line, in my opinion, it is a very positive step forward when a big company “gets it” in any fashion, large or small.

"And the blog is about more than the auction; the HP employees who are its principal writers are on the ground in Park City as volunteers and staff for HP’s many activities throughout the festival. They are blogging about being there, who they meet, where they eat. And so on…."

Do yourself and Habitat for Humanity a favor and click here. It's a win-win. Don't forget to announce it on your blog or website. Women love that kind of thing.


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