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Tomorrow I leave for Florida. For regular readers, you'll remember that I'm off to WOMBAT: the word of mouth basic training camp to join Terri Whitesel of Interpret-Her and Kevin Burke of Lucid Marketing as a panel member discussing How-to Get Women Talking.

Sometimes I think the better question is: how do you get women to STOP talking? [yes, that's meant to be funny, you can laugh]

I'll be happy to leave this dreary, rainy weather behind. There's nothing worse than chilly rain during January. It's worse than snow. At least snow is pretty - and makes you want to curl up in bed with a favorite book, glad you don't have to be out spoiling the pristine sparkle of untouched snow. With rain, there's nothing but wind and cold and the ache in your bones that wants spring to come early.

At any rate, I'm pretty excited about this trip. There are a LOT of folks I want to meet face-to-face, at WOMMA. I've already met Andy Sernovitz, and interviewed him on this blog. He's an innovative soul. But, I'm really hoping to see Zane Safrit - whom I met last year and have exchanged emails with periodically in 2005. Another outstanding gentleman who gets it when it comes to women, marketing, and being online.

I don't personally know Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion, so I hope I can at least shake his hand. He's connected to lots of other folks I do know. If you want to talk A-list bloggers, I believe Steve is one. And yet...I hear he's just a regular guy.

Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing, one of my favorite ladies online, will be blogging, and I am determined to steal her away for a nice long chat, just the two of us. Why? Because we have this mutual-admiration society going on and it's time we took a few minutes to tell jokes, sip wine, and just be girls. Toby is connected - which means I know when I visit her blog that I'll LEARN something. And, will possibly have some fun. She's always got the latest news...and commentary.

There are a number of other folks I can't wait to put a face to. Folks I've met recently via this invitation, and folks who helped convince me I should attend the event - well, of course, I don't like turning down speaking engagements. But, if it's possible to get Mark Hughes to sign my copy of his book, Buzz Marketing, whoohoo! I'll be a happy camper [and if he finally agrees to be interviewed...WOW! won't you be lucky!].

Oh, I certainly hope I get to stand in Jackie Hubba's aura...she's the master on customer evangelists.

Is that enough name dropping? Understand this: I'm there for YOU! I'm there to make sure the ladies get proper representation (along with Terri and Kevin, who are both experts in this space, also), and to see what I can learn and pass along after I return. Word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool, if you know how to use it. W_o_m_m_a_wombat

There are a whole lot of people going to this event - will you be there?- who know the ins and outs of word-of-mouth, from employing word-of-mouth for your book, to using it to announce new products, to using it in your blog. We all do this, on a regular basis, but how many of us actually see it for what it is, and actually engage our customers or clients in word-of-mouth on a regular basis? Here's a thought-provoking question: how do you measure Word-of-mouth??

Watch this space: there will be secrets to tell!


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Josh Hallett


It was great to meet you at WOMBAT...

Steve Rubel

Glad we connected!!!


Yvonne - thank you for your too kind words. I'm so looking forward to your session and of course cathing up with one of my fav diva bloggers!

Laura Bennett

Yvonne, you are making me sooo jealous! I was at the first WOMMA conference last year and it was more than excellent. I can't wait to hear how your panel goes plus of course, you meeting everyone on your wish list (which happens to match very well with mine!)

I'll be glued to your posts with Erin on my lap telling her how when she grows up, what an interesting world that will be.



Have a safe trip and a great time, Yvonne! Wish I could be there - you guys are going to have a super conference. Be sure to dish the dirt when you return!

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