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Following up on the recent presentation here about Blog Marketing, via Jeremy Wright's book and talk, I discovered to my dismay that I do not have a book review of this book on Lip-sticking. Where I went wrong, I can't say, but it's embarrassing to have worked on the book with Jeremy, to know its power, and to not have written a review.

So...I am doing a review now - which, in some respects, is better than having done one when the book came out in November of last year. I think now is a better time because more people are open to the blog-idea, and are eager to learn how to use it as a marketing tool. And, nothing in it is out-of-date. This book will actually be useful for many years to come, even as blogs evolve and morph into...whatever they morph and evolve into, even Jeremy will admit he can't answer that!

Blog Marketing: The Revolutionary New Way to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Get Exceptional Results (whew!long title! but...Jeremy didn't think it up, the publisher did), is a must-read for any business considering a blog. Truthfully, it's a must read for any business today - any business that recognizes the value of marketing. To quote from the foreward, by Dave Taylor, "The world of business is changing profoundly, redefining marketing, public relations, and customer communication..."

Using blogs (my input there).

Some insight from Jeremy, via the book: "Participation Breeds Passion" p. 26 - to which I say: Don't you want passionate customers?; "Giving Your Company a Voice - The General Motors Story" p. 73 - to which I say, GM gets it right, find out how; and "Finding Value in a Cacophony of Data" p. 149 - to which I say, yes, the world is in information overload, but Blog Marketing can teach you some tricks on how to manage it - that alone is worth the read.

I could quote endlessly from the book, but you'll only get the full benefit from actually reading it. Jeremy told me he wanted to create something in a voice that the average business owner could understand, and he succeeded. This book is conversational (much like a blog), and informative, from a geek's point of view. A geek that talks like a regular guy. A geek that understands business and marketing. In ways the rest of us are still experimenting with.

While Jeremy was in Rochester visiting, he stayed with us - longer than he anticipated, since his flight was cancelled the day he was supposed to fly out.

I learned a whole lot more about him during the few days he was visiting, and I'm ever more impressed with his story. It's not for me to tell you how he met his wife (but if you can get him to tell it - you'll be in for a treat), nor how he came to be a blogging expert (following his amazing experience selling his services on eBay), but I can tell you that Jeremy isn't out to change the world, and he doesn't think blogging is the be-all and end-all of all time. Blogmarketing

He thinks blogging can benefit companies, internally, as much as externally. He thinks blogging can stimulate ideas - help employees and customers revitalize business by offering a platform to brainstorm, without worry of being laughed at or criticized.

So, don't expect Blog Marketing to change the world - it won't. Instead, it will change YOU and how YOU create value at your company. Best of all, it won't cost you a whole lot of extra time and money - instead, it will show you how to refocus your marketing and get connected. In an ever-increasingly customer-centered world, blogging brings people together - real people, who talk to each other, share stories, and build networks.

Blog Marketing - a book that will really, honestly, teach you how to use a blog to get exceptional results. Need more? Just get in touch with Jeremy and see what he has to say.


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Yes, Jeremy's book is great! Iread it along the way as they were kind enough to blog it during production.

I dropped Yvonne a note regarding publishing...I would like to talk to you about it - did you get it?

steven edward streight, vaspers the grate, and crew of blog revolutionists

I didn't know Jer's book was out yet! I thought it was going to be in bookstores in December 2005, and I have looked for it.

Thanks for the great review.

I also will be promoting his book on my blog, hopefully later today.

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