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Yvonne's Fit by Five: Why You Should Click These Links

If there's one thing I can't be accused of, it's not having anything to say. In fact, I write longer posts than many bloggers I know - although, not the longest posts on the net, for sure.

Today, a regular Fit by Five day at this marketing to women online site, I just want to offer links and short comments, hoping you will find something useful here. This content is useful to me, as a woman, which makes it useful to anyone marketing to women. Yes, I am the epitome of all women. No, not ME specifically...but, ME the person who never fails to ask others,"What do you mean by that?" "Do you really shop online all the time?" "What gets you to buy?" And more...

First, because friendship is so important to me, I want to start with these two announcements.

Laurence Haughton, author of It’s Not What You Say... It’s What You Do – How Following Through at Every Level Can Make or Break Your Company is giving a live seminar, thanks to Microsoft, on Feb. 28th. Learn more about it here. Take a moment to check out Laurence's Smart Man Online interview here.

For the writers who tune in here, my good friend Andy Wibbels and his colleague Suzanne Falter-Barnes will be starting their Blog Your Way to a Best Seller series this week, on Wednesday. Andy is a former Smart Blogger for Lip-sticking. Watch for more news on this front - partnerships that work. Meanwhile, if you don't know about Suzanne Falter-Barnes, get to know her...she rocks!

On to some really powerful marketing to women news - relevant to online or offline. In Saturday's Democrat & Chronicle locally, the Real Estate section highlighted this fact: "More Single Women Buying Houses." (I would LOVE to link to it, but...this newspaper is so woefully inadequate - I hardly ever find the link I want). Meanwhile, the article stats some facts that ought to make you sit up and scratch your head - for instance,

    • Umarried women have more money than ever
    • More women than men are going to college
    • Many lenders are helping women buy houses, with government help

Stop and think for a minute - why is this important? Because all of those women need things for their homes. Many of them are single parents, and need things to be good at that, too. Many of these women are creative and innovative and welcome input on how to do their own home repairs.

Surely, you offer something - product or service - that these women can use. Find out what it is and...offer it with a helping hand.

Moving right on - let's look at some fancy footwork in the boomer market. This report from two weeks ago cites women mountain climbers...saying, "more than 5,500 hikers have earned the 46er patch by climbing the 46 Adirondack summits higher than 4,000 feet. Of those, 207 men and 36 women have climbed the peaks in winter."

The article goes on to highlight several of the women - all boomers who decided to "prove" something, to themselves and to the world. Average ladies; a dental hygienist, a math teacher, a Mary Kay rep, who refuse to let the numbers attached to their birthday dictate who they are. To quote one woman, "That weekend transformed me. I had learned I was not a quitter and discovered the healing power of manture and hiking in particular."

What, pray tell, do you think women like that need? Backpacks? Hiking boots? Supplies? Advice? Hundreds of other things? Why shouldn't they buy these items from you?

Last - which is always best, of course - click on over to Diva Marketing where Toby Bloomberg is announcing a wealth of good stuff. A blog cruise (my apologies if the link doesn't work, I have yet to click it and get to the site), this year's New Comm forum (ah, would that I could be there!), and a link to Findability, something we can all use more help on.

So, I failed at keeping this as short as promised, but...anyone who knows me will realize that I could have written another 1000 words, easily. And, I didn't. Oh well.



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