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Wandering Around on a Sunday

So far it's already half-past noon and I'm trying to figure out how to fit everything I need to do today, into the day.

Usually I enjoy Sundays. Tom and I watch a favorite TV show (dreaming about our next house - something Victorian and big enough to have author retreats in), and eat breakfast in bed. Then, I read blogs and work on some writing. Today...I read some blogs and thought I'd just get back in bed and read, after writing this. Why not? Reading is part of working, for me. And, I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

Last night we were treated to an extra night of Jeremy Wright. After saying good-bye to him in the early afternoon, he called around 5pm to say his flight had been cancelled and...if we weren't sick of him, could he stay over one more night? Far from being sick of him, we were delighted. Tom Kate_hepburn2scooted out to the airport (about 15 min from our house) and brought Jeremy back. Whereupon, we had a nice dinner and several hours of good conversation about - you guessed it, blogging! And, about where this conversation tool is going in the next decade.

The conversation was very thought provoking. I did a lot of listening. In addition to being great talkers, women are also good listeners. That's something you should be aware of, when you plan a marketing campaign for them. Marketing to women would be so much easier if folks would just learn how to listen to their female customers.

Meanwhile, as I listened to these geeky guys talk technology - I thought about the fact that I was the only female in the room. That didn't mean much - except that I felt a bit unnecessary. Tom and Jeremy were NOT doing anything to exclude me.  Don't get the wrong idea. It was just that - I'd had enough tech-talk and would have loved to be chatting about... oh, shoes, or spring hemlines, or why Valentine's day has to be next week when I'm just not ready for it!Elvis_girls_girls

Meanwhile, conversation began to revolve around the popular teen blog-tool, My Space, which I don't know a whole lot about. But, I do know that it's hugely popular and that... it attracts a lot of girls. I mean...I just clicked into it and hit "browse" and almost the entire first page was girls, girls, girls. I felt like I was reviewing an Elvis Presley movie.

Personally, I don't care for My Space, it's too - 1940ish,'s not meant for folks like me, anyway. It's meant for - kids who feel as if the Internet is their playground. Reminds me of the early days of the net when The Well was all it and a lot of people were nervous about that - an online community that wasn't -- monitored or censored! Oh my!

Please. People will be people, and young people will push the envelope, and...really, from clicking around in My Space, all I get is reminiscient of those mid-20th century films where all the women acted just like the girls in My Space are acting: as if getting the guy was the be-all and end-all of life.

The truth is - My Space is growing at a phenomenal rate, Jeremy pointed out last night, businesses will want to invade this space soon. Get their brand in front of this market. We speculated on it all last night, without coming to a conclusion, so I thought I'd ask here:

What will merchants do to get themselves noticed by the huge population in My Space, and when will they do it? What do you think?


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ffxi gil

place for kids to hang out at - I won't be surprised if another community pops up and beats out My Space. Just give it a little time


BTW - Lucky you! I bet Jeremy is a fascinating guest! I've spoken with him on the phone a few times, and he is always charming and entertaining.


From USA Today 1/8/2006-
Google just named it the top gainer for 2005, and, in only two years, MySpace has shot from zero to 47.3 million members, say founders Chris DeWolfe, 39, and Tom Anderson, 29. They launched MySpace in January 2004. In July Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. bought MySpace for $580 million, but DeWolfe and Anderson still are CEO and president.

I know both my kids use it. THEY don't know I check their RSS to make sure they're OK. Some might say that is spying. I say they are using my computer, (similar to the rules employers use to check on personal activity of employees)

More importantly, I love them and want to make sure they are safe. I think more parents should do this...

vaspers the grate

MySpace is a pseudo-blogospheric toilet, where teens reveal way too much info, so online predator geezers can find ripe pickings.

MySpace and baby blogging may be the doom of the blogosphere.

"Blogs helped me find victims to rape and kill" the headlines will read, and Congress will enact laws to license and regulate bloggers.

Just one scenario.

We as marketing consultants should warn parents and adult clients about the trouble brewing in such filth magnets.

MySpace is a toilet because they run pornographic ads, even in my own MySpace blog, a cannibal blog, eating it from within: SoMeEx.

Average Jane

I like MySpace because it's a great place for bands to promote their music. I have a MySpace account under my *real* identity, and As soon as we're ready, I'll be uploading my band's song files, photos, etc. to MySpace in addition to putting them on our band website.

Jonathan Hernandez

Well, I think it's safe to say that at first they'll buy "My Space ad space." (Sounds cool doesn't it?) Personally, I give it another year or two before My Space gets bought out. When that happens, My Space might still be popular, but not for long.

Online social communities that are popular are temporary hot spots. Example: Before My Space there was Friendster and before Friendster there was [insert popular online community here]. Kids need change and there's always a cool new place for kids to hang out at - I won't be surprised if another community pops up and beats out My Space. Just give it a little time!

Dick Richards

"big enough to have author retreats in"

Sign me up!

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