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Talked to my granddaughter a few days ago. She's the light of my life, of course. So smart and wonderful, and growing up so fast.

Yes,I'm aware of how fast children grow up - my three are all adults now and I cannot fathom how they got so - in such a short time!

But, back to Miah...she calls me "Grandma Y-vonne." I get tickled pink every time I hear it. Her sweet little voice coming through the phone saying, "Grandma Y-vonne, when are you coming to Colorado? I want you to come right now!" makes me cry - though not outloud. After every call, I imagine moving to Boulder, to be near her and her mother. That would mean leaving my other two behind, however. Not something I'm prepared to do, just yet. One is working on her PhD at a University close by, and soon to be married; the other (my son - the only boy) still lives at home, with me.

These are issues many women face. If you can grasp the importance of family to us - to all of us, the seniors, the baby boomers, the Gen Xers, the Gen Ys, and yes, even the teens and tweens... you will be well ahead of your competition when you engage in marketing to us.

Women are emotional creatures. Appeal to our emotions, to our attachment to family, to our need to be needed. The October issue of Discover Magazine discussed "Frontiers of Science" and included two pages on "Social Smarts." The focus was on the X chromosome (registration required), but I found the graphic image depicting a man's face on one side, and a woman's face on the other, with explanations of how different their brain chemistry is, quite intriguing.

Once again, this article, as other articles before, in other magazines, have done - noted that,Brain_chemistry

"The female brain experiences approximately 15% more blood flow than the male brain, with this flow located in more centers of the brain at any given time."

There is no explanation of what this actually we readers are left to interpret at will. Or, do some research to uncover the meaning. I believe it supports the fact that women are driven by emotion. More blood more centers of the just sounds like emotion flowing across our faces and through our bodies. I think of it this way: blood flow is associated with glowing (as in pregnancy or after making love); it's also associated with embarrassment, and anger. Pride and happiness increase blood flow - if heart palpitations during your child's dance recital or gymnastics meet or football game are any indication.

When you think of marketing to women, think emotion. Think family. Think: how would my Mom feel about this?

We're complicated creatures, and sometimes mysterious, to be sure. Get our blood flowing by showing an emotional interest in us - and in the things we care about. We just might repay you with traffic to your website, and clicks to your checkout page. What's more - we might even talk about you to friends and family.


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This is taken from Zack over at Corante

In The Female Brain, due out in August 2006, Dr. Brizendine answers questions like why are women more verbal than men? Why do women remember details of fights that men cannot? Why do women tend to form deeper bonds with their female friends than men do with their male counterparts? Exploring these questions and many others that have stumped the sexes throughout the ages, this revolutionary book combines two decades of Brizendine’s own work, real life stories from her clinical practice, and all of the latest information from the scientific community at large to provide a truly comprehensive look at the way women’s minds work.

I'll leave it you you to add this to your Amazon book list.

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