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A Little Girl-Talk on Re:Invention

Today's Girl-Talk is a review of an outstanding blog that serves women well: re:invention.

The blog's owner, and principal writer, Kirsten Osolind is the epitome of the woman-owned business professional striving to help other women achieve goals and realize success. Kirsten is outspoken, charming, passionate, and creative - all talents displayed like badges on her blog, and website.

Let's talk about what makes re:invention blog a blog to blog about:

In the busy world of the 21st century, women are overcommitted and under-valued. Well, that's a blanket statement - and not necessarily true. As women, we put ourselves out there, challenging the world to knock us donw, which it does in a regular basis, and we know we're as likely to be overlooked when the credits and acclaim come, as we are to be recognized. But, with the help of women like Kirsten and her team at re:invention blog, women can finally stand tall and feel proud of even the smallest accomplishment.

The blog is a three-column, much the same as other three-column blogs. There are two small sidebars, with links and static content, and a larger middle column with the post of the day. On the lefthand side, Kirsten has valuable links to franchise opportunities, business advice, marketing resources, and so much more. This collection of useful links and advice is worth the price of admission (which, of course, is FREE) and more. I suggest you bookmark re:invention blog and visit it on a weekly basis. Every time I pop in, I find something new and exciting.

The righthand sidebar has the personal information. This is a MUST! Kirsten and her team are identifed in this sidebar, complete with pics. There is an immediate connection to real people. To smiling faces (the smiles will get you - why some people have pictures of sour faces representing them on the net, I will never understand!). One of the features of this blog that makes it so fun, so popular, and so kitchy, is the shoe of the week. That shoe of the week is surely a girly-thing. Women love it! But, that's not why it's there. It's there...because Kirsten loves shoes! (Imelda Marcos eat your heart out!)Kirsten_osolind

Let's wind up with the best part of the blog: the writing. This is writing from the heart. Personal stories, posts on what's going on in the world, both Kirsten's world and the world around her. The blog sports a friendly - "come-see what we're doing" - focus. The Saturday feature: 10 Tips for 10 Million Women, is a MUST! These are first-person stories, written to help readers understand and connect with the women's market. Real people, relating real stories.

And, on Thursdays, the blog has a feature called Business Story Shoulder Bag. Can you relate? I can! The title shoulder bag just works, on so many levels. Women are strapped, yes, strapped by that cumbersome tool...and not likely to lose it anytime soon. The idea of this feature is to share mentoring stories. Short but so powerful. And, there is a standing invitation for you to participate. What are you waiting for?

I have admired Kirsten and her work for several years now. I look forward to meeting her someday - she's only in Chicago, after all. But, most of all, I hope you will visit her blog and grab some of the great advice she and her team so willingly share with the world. I know if you click around her resource list, you'll find information you've been searching for. Kirsten is always in the know - her work is in marketing and PR, after all. She has connections the rest of us don't.

This blog can teach the greenest newbie how to build and write something that will attract the right folks. Follow its example: be real, be focused, be approachable. Note the great content, valuable insight, resources, advice, and true-story reporting, all in the right mix. It will be time well spent, trust me. Have I ever lied to you before?

I'm off for a latte. Thanks for stopping by. Let's chat again, soon!


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Hi Yvonne:

Just settling in on Friday night and catching up on blogs. Thanks for your kind compliments, Yvonne.

Here's to enterprising women!

re:invention's team blogs to collaborate and cultivate conversations with enterprising women and the corporations that are interested in doing business with them. Our goals: (1) enhancing enterprising women's credibility and rate of success and (2) connecting corporations and enterprising women -- with key insights for corporate executives about what makes enterprising women tick.

Many appreciations for reading, for featuring our blog, and for your kind words.

Wishing you continued success, Yvonne!


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