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Laughter is the Best Medicine

I couldn't resist - follow this link only if you crave some fun in your life!

Laughter is the Best Medicine! This video is already all over the net, but...I think it deserves to be on everyone's desktop. Click into it whenever you're having a bad day. Turn up the volume on your speakers and let everyone around you enjoy! I couldn't stop giggling when I saw it. 64288main_happy_sun_by_molly_3

On a side note, you may notice there is something new about Lip-sticking. On the right-hand side, right at the top of the blog (under the header) I'm offering a Top 10 Tip Sheet of information on "What Women Want Online." It's free. Enjoy.

For more help reaching the women's market, email me and we'll talk.

Underneath the free PDF on What Women a tip jar. This is an experiment. I'm curious about how a tip jar works...and what readers think of them. Any funds gathered from the tip jar will be put towards a charity or scholarship fund. The purpose is to see if these things work, and...if so, to be able to do something worthwhile with the $$ - other than stop at Wendy's on my way home. It's also research to see if I should be suggesting this to clients. Your thoughts (as well as tips) are much appreciated.



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Jonathan Hernandez

That video is too much! :) I'm certainly passing it on.

And I couldn't agree me, laughter IS the best medicine for anything.

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