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Monday Flows into a Tuesday Fit by Five

It's well past posting time - ah! how I long for the days when I had the time to post first thing in the morning. Or - do I? That would mean giving up all the really exciting projects and new clients. Naw, I'm happy with my world. And, I'm glad to be able to post now, before heading home for dinner.

In fact, having waited, I've come across some fantastic content I want to share with you. For awhile now, I've been touting women and the blogosphere, and especially the Mom-factor - and now I have proof that I'm right! Just hop over to The Mom Salon and see if Moms are into blogging, big time! This is a group of ladies you want to connect with. They are eager to buy - IF - you know how to sell to them. [to further support what I've been telling you for two years now, this information came to me via my own sister - who blogs at this blog. You see, women do share.]

Since this is a Monday announcements flowing into a Tuesday Fit by Five, I feel compelled to provide four more great comments and links. All with the idea of helping you in your goal to successfully market to women who shop online - or offline, for that matter. Of course, don't forget - women are online in droves. So, marketing to women online is just a win-win proposition. You can't go wrong... if you know how to be female-friendly.

That doesn't mean following the gossip about the latest Hollywood star or starlet, although...I have Philip_s_hoffmanto admit that I'm partial to last night's winner of the best actor award [Academy Awards]. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a home-town boy. We're tickled pink (and blue) around here. I don't know who's getting more press - him or Jason McElwain - the so terrific autistic boy who made those four (or is it five?) baskets a couple of weeks ago, during the last 4 minutes of his team's game. Wow! Rochester has talent, that's for sure! Watch for more on the McElwain story. Hint: who's going to play him in the MOVIE? Not Hoffman!

Back to the good stuff. Over at Free Money Finance, this week's Carnival of the Capitalists has a post called "Modern Day Dowry" that's a must read. The blog author, Nina Smith, is one of those smart (yep, I said smart) women you might like to get to know.

The Carnival also has an excellent post from one of my favorite bloggers, Evelyn Rodriguez. Check out this post on In a Saturated Blogosphere, How Does Marketing Reach Out to People?

I think you should check out the list of blog posts, and even stop over at The MoneyBlog Network, too.

Last, though not least, I leave you with this eye-opening post from Elana Centor who writes the Funny Business blog, on women with kids -not getting hired. Hmmm...what can you do with this information - that will please your women shoppers? Tell them you're appalled by it, that's what! Because, of course, you are. Share your thoughts. Offer insight. Basically, your recognition that this is just unacceptable will go far to engaging your women customers.

More later...and an excellent interview Thursday.

p.s. sorry for adding more, but I just discovered the neatest new tool over at David St. Lawrence's blog, Ripples,...called coComment: a handy tool for the serious blogger. I'm trying it out. Why not pop over and see what YOU think?


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