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Just returned from walking the dog round the circle of our little neighborhood. She loves taking these walks. Even in sharp winds and freezing temperatures. I like walking, but today the wind was cruel and the walk seemed long. I'm out of shape.

As we were walking, I thought about this blog, and the affect the blogosphere is having on business, today. We're planning some exciting blog workshops in the near future, and revamping our whole approach to the blogosphere...which got me wondering about how blogs affect business. How this blog, Lip-sticking, serves its readers, and how the word 'smart' is becoming part of a business cliche.

Last week a client that is dabbling in blogs (he doesn't have a public blog yet - but has ideas for a number of private blogs - and even a blog network) mentioned that he just doesn't get it. Not blogging, he gets that. He doesn't get the focus. What are blogs supposed to accomplish, for the blogger? He came right out and said, "I don't know what half the bloggers are talking about. In fact, I have trouble reading your blog because I don't know what you're writing about."

Hmmmm...that was a surprise. I'm writing about Smart Marketing to Women Online. I mention it all the time (don't I?). Apparently, not enough for this gentleman. Truth is, since this blog is meant to be conversational, even when I'm advising, I use a conversational tone, as do most of the blogs I read and follow - so, maybe he's not quite into blogging, as a 'conversation'.

That led me to the thought that my work here is about being Smart. About Smart Women. Smart Women Online - and how to get them to your website (or blog) to buy your products and services.

I don't have firm stats right now (just squishy ones), but I believe there are millions more women online blogging than men. I think this because the so-called Mommy bloggers (who hate being called that, so... do so at your own risk) are a huge part of the blogosphere and they command a whole lot of blog traffic. I also think this because women have discovered the ease and effectiveness of using the Internet to connect - to each other, to their kids, to business professionals, and to business prospects (a lot of those Mommy bloggers are home-based business owners selling some truly creative and innovative products). So, though the research doesn't show a preponderance of women in the blogosphere, I think that's just because (1) the research doesn't know where to go to find us, and (2) we don't fill out their silly little surveys because we're too busy multi-tasking.

Which leads me to my musing on the word 'smart'...and how it's showing up all over the net, all over advertising, all over marketing, as if calling oneself or one's company 'smart' means you really are. (okay...for those who aren't following along...I was talking about women, then women bloggers, and now about all things smart; got it?)

We have Smart Cards (as in smart credit cards), Smart blogs (so Google says about this blog, but they're wrong because he doesn't have trackbacks open), blogs about Working Smart (where Michael Hyatt tells it like it is), and this blog, which has a lot of smarts going for it, though I only include it here because it came up in my Google search.Dickless_marketing_cover

When I wrote Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online, I had no idea that the word SMART was going to take over sales and marketing, and dominant the business world, as it does now. I just wanted to qualify my so clever title (it refers to marketing in a new world, where JANE dominates shopping, because her brother (or husband, or boyfriend, or father, or uncle) Dick is quite happy to leave that chore to a professional; not ...well, what you were thinking) with a tagline that would explain what the book is about. I wasn't trying to be clever with the tagline. I was trying to explain the book in one sentence.

Now that the word SMART is all over the net, and showing up in advertisement after advertisement, attached to products and services that are anything but smart, I think it's time to go back to the drawing board, and come up with a better sub-title for my next book. Mainly because I'm sick of smart. I made my case, it seems to have caught on (you can smile or laugh, I'm joking - no, I don't think I'm responsible for the overuse of the word smart, but...maybe I am!)

How about we start a trend using the word fabulistic? 


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Bless my trusty thesaurus LOL Here’s a few for your consideration.....

*Apt (not bad but perhaps it sounds more like “merely adequate” LOL)
*Discerning (kind of snobby sounding though LOL)
*Keen (Don’t know why, but this sounds harsh LOL)
*Sharp (sounds kind of frightening - I can see the men clutching their cajones LOL)
*Shrewd (sounds a bit too shrewish LOL)

It never hurts to regularly re-evaluate, even if you don't make many changes. Your thought process is still balancing on top of the ball LOL

I think this is a very "smart" site and you do great work!

Did you get my note re: BlogHer?


hey Yvonne, I understand why you may be sick of smart marketing, but I'm not sick of it yet and until you just mentioned it, I didn't know that "smart" had become as common place as "gravitas".

What you are talking aobut is smart.The fact that others are attracted to the word doesn't take away its power from you.


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