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What a Wonderful World

What a wonderful world this is. Yesterday I spent the entire day shopping for wedding dresses with my daughter. My lovely, starry-eyed middle child. She is so full of excitement for this event - which will take place in October, that her face glows, her smile spreads from ear to ear, and her eyes sparkle like gems. It's infectious - I, too, feel full of anticipation!

We went to several bridal shops - and Maggie tried on dozens of dresses! I'm totally amazed. Not having had a true wedding myself, and not having had the chance to participate in the plans for Chloe's wedding, which was last fall, this is all new to me.

New, fun, and thrilling. Perhaps I will write more about it - and about how the Internet is playing a huge role in wedding planning. Pure marketing to women online, very successfully.Leprechautsmaller

[note: how could I forget to say HAPPY St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the Leprechaut...compliments of Marti Lawrence. Happy Green!]

Today, however, I have a few announcements. One of the most powerful ways of connecting to your women customers, is by acknowledging them. It's so easy - just say thanks! Since starting this little blog, since publishing my book, and since connecting with women and men all over the world via the active blogosphere, I've met some truly inspirational and creative folks, like the ones I want to talk about today.

First - Gil Schmidt. Met him at the WOMBAT in January. Delightful gentleman. (and good-looking, too!) He's female-friendly to the max! Oh, not just because he understands the hidden power of the female consumer - but because he likes us. Really, he does! I got to chat with Gil a bit while at WOMBAT, and I am happy to report that this is one man (among many) who gets it.  He gets the whole "marketing to women" thing - as a personal, relationship building, eye-to-eye, or mind-to-mind, experience. Skip on over to his blog to see what I mean. [gee, you may notice that HE mentions ME, too! That, folks, is what bloggers do.]

Another friend I've made, recently, is Doryn, of Doryn's Dish. I'm in love with her blog! This is one smart, creative, talented young woman. Pity that we will probably never meet in person (although, we ladies know how to make things like that happen...so, don't rule it out!). Doryn contacted me and flattered me by asking ME for an interview! Head's up: women love to be noticed - and an interview is a great way to notice us. Gives us a chance to strut our stuff without looking - snobby. See how things turned out on Doryn's blog. And, watch this space - I plan on interviewing Dory for a future Girl-Talk.  A minute spent on Doryn's Dish will explain why! What's not to like about that?

Last, I have something extremely important to leave you with. World Water Day - see below:

"World Water Day is quickly approaching and will be celebrated on March 22, 2006!
The Global water crisis is the leading cause of death and disease in the world, taking the lives of more than 14,000 people each day, 11,000 of whom are children under age 5. Did you know that the average distance that women in Africa and Asia walk to collect water is 6 kilometers? In addition to the health problems, more than 200 million hours are spent every day by women and girls walking to collect water from distant, often polluted sources—time that could be better spent on more productive endeavors such as work and school."World_water_day

I am going out on a limb here to ask everyone to please, visit the World Water Day site and donate. Please, please, please! Expect reminders as the day approaches. Post about this on YOUR blog. Let's DO SOMETHING about this issue - and I don't mean just TALK about it.

The challenge is out...who will rise to the occasion? I've made my donation...it's your turn.


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Jonah Pernod

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Anita Campbell

Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Yvonne!

It takes something like World Water Day to remind us of the miracle of running water in our own lives and how lucky we are. What in the world would we do if we had to walk miles for water?



Thank you for the link!

My daughter is 16, and i am so delighted that she enjoys doing things (like fiddling with photo imaging programs) with her old Ma - LOL

She loves learning about using the computer, and already designs her own web pages! I encourage her and share what little knowledge I have. It is truly one of life's greatest pleasures (most of the time - LOL) to raise a daughter!

I share your joy about YOUR daughter's upcoming nuptials! May both of your lives be filled with love and blessings!

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