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Girl-Talk with THE Maids

Xerox: A Woman's Place and Why the Mommy Wars Ended

This in from our local Rochester Business Journal: "For the fifth time, Xerox Corp. has been named among the Top 30 Companies for Executive Women."

Interesting. This comes on the heels of a report that was sent to me via my good friend Laura over at Pet Insurance, about "working women stretched to the limit."

According to this report [content taken from a NY Times article for which you might need to register, I'm not sure] by Sandy Kristin Piderit of Case Western Reserve University, "...since the mid-1990's, the growth in the percentage of adult women working outside the home has stalled, even slipping somewhat in the last five years and leaving it at a rate well below that of men."

The article goes on to state that life hasn't really changed all that much...because, ""Kids take time, and work takes time. The conflicts didn't go away."Busy_lives_1

Duh! This is in conjunction with something my sister saw on Good Morning America, while waiting at the Dr's office this morning, with her 13-year old. What was it? A whole session on The Mommy Wars, pitting stay-at-home Moms agains Working Moms.

Oh, please. This is so childish and unnecessary. It's NOT about the Moms...for heaven's sake, it's about THE KIDS. [as many women wrote on the GMA message board; you go, girls!]

When are we going to put the focus where it belongs? When will mainstream media, especially TV, stop trying to get women into hair-pulling, knuckle barring, drag-out fights? We don't want to argue or fight. Some of us might, maybe, think our way is the best way, but the vast majority of us just want to do right by our kids. That means...if we're into corporate America, or being an entrepreneur, or writing a book (or any creative endeavor) we're working. Which makes us happy. Which makes us better at mothering.

If we're not into those things, if we're into arts and crafts (I'm generalizing, yes), or volunteering at our kids' grade school, or being the teacher's assistant, we're probably staying home, for the most part. Which makes us feel fulfilled, and makes us better Moms.

Say - what a concept. Being a better Mom by keeping our focus on what makes us happy and relaxed. I personally go by that old saying, If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy.

So there, Good Morning America! We're declaring a truce. Guess you'll have to start some Daddy Wars. I bet they'll be bloodier, and make better videos.

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