5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself
A Little Weekend Girl-Talk

Yvonne Explains Relationship Marketing

Storytime - on marketing to women online. No, storytime on building relationships. No, storytime on how to blog.

Reality: they're all the same thing.

Why do I say that? I say that because marketing to women (online or off) is all about building relationships and building relationships is all about blogging.

We were discussing the future over at WME Books this week and I said, to the team, "If we could find a way to package my experiences on Lip-sticking, and sell it - we'd make a million bucks."

Sounds rather pompous, I suppose. But, here's why I was saying that - over the last two years since I began writing Lip-sticking, my business has tripled. I admit that there have been lean times. Even months when we bit our nails to the quick wondering how we were going to make ends meet. It wasn't that we didn't (don't) have clients, it was that so many projects were being stalled for one reason or another, that the second or third installment wasn't forthcoming. And, the proposals we had out were getting rave reviews, but no immediate signatures.

While all of that was happening...I faithfully wrote in this blog, and attended events (locally and nationally) and talked up blogging. The goal was to attract women writers - that's a passion I have, to publish more leadership books, business advice books, and memoirs written by women - and also to show small businesses how more effective they could be if they would but embrace the Blog!Women_gossiping

Let's fast forward...to March 2006. We're eagerly completing some outstanding book projects at WME Books and we're working on several exciting blog projects. All because - I was faithful to writing in this blog. This blog has brought more referrals and opportunities than I could have generated in a dozen years of making cold calls or driving all over the state begging people to meet with me.

It's not just the blog - don't get me wrong. It's a method. A process. A recognition of HOW to use the blog to accomplish my goals. Therein lies the power of blogging, and why it's a worthwhile tool for building relationships. As I say over and over again, relationships -- the connection of one person to another, via shared interests, common beliefs, or hopeful expectations -- is what all life is about, and what successful business building is about. Think: people to people, not peer-to-peer.

It's not about the product. It's not about the store. It's not about the price. It's not about the timing. It's not about the product design or fulfillment.

It's about the people. Connect with them - learn how to build relationships that embrace women - and you will earn their respect and trust. All of which leads to: sales.

As I say over and over again in Dickless Marketing: If you learn nothing else from marketing to women online, at least learn how to spell 'SALES.'

It looks like this: FR-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P.


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Yvonne, I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot from reading your blog. You seem to be writing all about what I have been asking myself!!! ;)

Dick Richards

"It's not just the blog - don't get me wrong. It's a method. A process. A recognition of HOW to use the blog..."

It is also YOU -- your perspective, wisdom, humor, caring, etc.

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