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Today I have a favor to ask. As I noted at the end of yesterday's post, I'm participating in a fund raiser for Muscular Dystrophy. I've contributed to these events in the past, but never participated as I am this week. On Thursday, I'll be "incarcerated" for the afternoon - hoping to raise my bail, and help Jerry's Kids.

I'm fortunate - I need raise only $600 to be released from jail. That's $10 from 60 wonderful friends, or $20 from 30 wonderful friends. Or, $2 from 300 outstanding, generous friends. (sometimes that $3 donation is the hardest one - I know, I've been in the place where $3 is the difference between eating today or not eating today).

Here are 5 Ways I think some excellent Lip-sticking readers can find the few dollars needed to fill my commitment to Jerry's Kids (and...what I will do for you, in return)

1. Visit the MDA website and reassure yourself that this is real - that your $3 or $5 or $20 is going to a cause that does more than pass money around to executives.

2. Hug your kids today - and donate $1 per hug - to kids who would love to hug you back.Mda_girl

3. Write about this on your blog - not out of pity, not out of support for me, but do so in joy, with happiness - because these donations will bring much joy to children you may never meet, but who are depending on us (out here in the big world and the blogosphere) to help.

4. Make a donation and tell a story - about you and your kids. About hardships you've endured, or happiness you've celebrated. Share your good fortune (and your tears) with Jerry's Kids. They'll understand.

5. Consider using your blog to further a charity of your choice. Need help with that idea? You've seen examples here with Word of Blog and outright requests (like this one), now visit this site - Blogidarity - to see how even ONE DOLLAR can bring tremendous excitement.

And, don't forget to visit my webpage at MDA - if you feel in the mood today.

In exchange for your generosity, I invite you to email me with tips and tidbits about YOU that I can post on Lip-sticking. Let me be your blog voice for an interactive Fit by Five, next week. Show off a new product or service, announce an upcoming seminar or training session, share the new pics of your baby or your wedding, connect with bloggers that don't normally visit your blog.

Can we do this? Can we show the world that the blogosphere is more than a big chat room? I think we can. I think YOU can. Let's start changing the world - one dollar at a time.


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Yvonne, I just made a donation. :) I am all about helping charities as seen here: http://4acure.blogspot.com

I'm also placing a link to your blog on my spa blog "A Girl's Gotta Spa."

Thank you for thinking of others.... :)

Bob Cargill

You have my support, Yvonne. The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a great cause. And you are such a generous soul. They -- no, make that we, MDA and all of us here in the blogosphere -- are lucky to have you as an advocate and a friend. You really are kind to one and all.

Felix Gerena

Thanks a lot for mentioning Blogidarity ,Yvonne. The number of causes you are part of clairly reflect the noble nature of your spirit. With more people like you many problems would be history.

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