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Life is hectic, to say the least. We're in the middle of reorganizing. Folks do that this time of year, so I hear. I've never been much for spring cleaning. I manage to vacuum occasionally, dust even less, and mop the kitchen floor once in awhile. Come March and April, I think about cleaning out the closets, throwing the moldy cheese in the refrigerator away, and taking last year's summer stock of shorts to the Salvation Army because...they've shrunk so much I can't fit in them. :-)

But...that's all I do... think about it.

This year, I'm taking action! Will report on the success later on. Meantime, I have news...lots of relevant, important, marketing to women online news. WOMMA news. Hispanic news. All the good stuff. Remember - you didn't hear it here first. But, you did hear it here in a Tuesday Fit by Five.

1. Report showing how quickly Hispanics are flocking to the net. And, insight into who they are. Very good stuff. Think: young people. Your future customers. The report doesn't state it but...these young-uns are being influenced by - their Moms. That much you got here. Here's a teaser:

"In many respects, the Hispanic youth online market feels like the greater youth market," said eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson, who authored the report.

2. From my good friend, Michael, at WOMMA, this news on Dupont's adoption of WOMMA Standards. This is good news for those of us who rely on Word of Mouth. To quote, "

DuPont became the first Fortune 100 company to endorse the WOMMA Code of Ethics, making it applicable to all their employees and vendors worldwide. DuPont gave their "full endorsement" and announced they will only engage WOM services firms if they adhere to the Code."

3. Tomorrow, there is a teleconference on WOM ETHICS TELECONFERENCE. You are cordially invited to attend by Calling 512-225-3050 and enter passcode 772541# . Featured speakers are:

Walter Carl, Professor, Northeastern University
Gary Spangler, eBusiness Manager, DuPont
Andy Sernovitz, CEO, Word of Mouth Marketing Association Chocolate

4. This just in from my delightful friend Wendy Maynard the Marketing Maven - the Chick Chocolates site! Finally! A place to hang out with other chocolate lovers! Lindt, eat your heart out!(Thanks, Wendy! We ladies have to stick together - preferably over chocolate!) Mmmmm-slurp!

5. Last, but definitely not least, this week's Carnival of the Capitalists was live Monday at Free Money Finance. A visit well worth your while. I have a post there, but it's the outstanding, well-represented world of diversity that makes this a visit worth making. Don't miss Potter Economics, How to Turn in Tax Cheats, and freelance opps in the UK, my personal favorites. Good stuff.

Watch this space...great, no really, GREAT interview coming on Thursday!


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Gary  Spangler

Thanks for the support. I believe that aggressive and volunatary adoption of the WOMMA Code of Ethics for WOM Marketing by marketers, bloggers and WOM services providers will go a long way toward not only protecting the long-term integrity of Word of Mouth as a marketing practice but also the integrity of Consumer Generated Media in general.


Gary Spangler

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