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Yvonne ReThinks Pink and Gives Thanks

Wow...what a lucky gal I am! My request for help with my lock-up at MDA, is generating excellent responses. Not a lot of $$ yet, but I know that will come. I'm just so thrilled with my friends in the blogopshere, friends like Susan Getgood, and Bob Cargill, and Marianne Richmond and Wayne Hurlbert. They're just a tiny example of the power of blogging. Way to go bloggers! [of course, it goes without saying that I'm deeply grateful to anonymous, anonymous, and anonymous, too.]

Since it's Thursday, and I often post an inteview or a Girl-Talk session here, but I'm behind on both fronts...I have a long list of interview subjects and a folder full of ideas for Girl-Talk, just no time to follow through!

So, today, I thought I'd give a plug to my friend Peter Frost who runs the Rethink Pink conference and website in the UK. It's a fabulous place to get lots of relevant marketing to women information. The articles and blog connections are well worth your time. For instance, how about this ditty from JoAnn Hines, the packaging diva:06_rethink_pink

"What is a package any way? We all know it conveys a product from point A to point B. Besides the obvious of getting it there undamaged or not broken, what's a box supposed to do? That job has changed dramatically in the last decade. The package has become the "first moment of truth" at retail..."

Click over and read the rest - you'll need to scroll down the page. You won't be disappointed. JoAnn echoes some things I've said here, and gives some new stats that are vital knowledge, if you want to reach women shoppers. And who doesn't?

The whole site will engage you for hours...maybe days!


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Marianne Richmond

Hi Yvonne,

Good luck with the MDA fundraising! I'm sure your efforts will produce results for such a great cause.

As usual, your blog is a source of things to think about...great Top 10 Tips!


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