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A Fit by Five and Then Some - from Yvonne

At the moment, I have a pile of newspaper clippings, email notes, and information jotted down on scraps of paper - stuff that came to me via a phone call from a friend or colleague - all waiting to be posted in this blog.

Most of this news I gather and sort through on Monday night, in preparation for my Tuesday Fit by Five. Lately, the information (from reliable sources) is growing exponentially...threatening to devour the corner of my desk. Hence, from now on Fit by Five Tuesday's will be Fit by Five, Ten, maybe even 20 - to make sure you don't miss out on anything. Some of the news may be old hat - perhaps you'll have read it in your weekly paper, though reports show that newspaper subscriptions continue to decline. Some of the news may not be relevant to you. All of it is about marketing to women online, in some way or another.

Let's get going...

1. This week's Carnival of the Capitalists was posted at Harshly Mellow where the likes of Chris Brunner talks energy, and Clair talks about blogging as a conversation. There's much, much more, as usual. New bloggers to be introduced to, ideas to mull around in your head, and old friends to catch up with. [how is this related to marketing to women online? it's information - it's conversation - it's the new social media that women are wholeheartedly embracing; you're part of it, right?]

2. The Barbie Diaries are out! Ok...some of you are squirming - "Did she really say that? Barbie? Is Yvonne marketing Barbie???" Yes. She is. She's announcing this because - Miah loves Barbie. Miah is my granddaughter who lives two or three worlds away in the mountains of Colorado. She's a grown-up 8 years old now, and fast growing beyond Barbie. But, when I was able to get a pre-release of The Barbie Diaries, I knew I had to do this for Miah. And, just like Saturday Nite Live (which I've NEVER seen all the way through), and Sex and the City (which I've NEVER seen at all) and Superman (which I LOVE!), Barbie is an American icon. It's commendable that she's evolved with the times.

This DVD, on sale today, has no surprises for us jaded adults, but it has excitement, fun, and lessons to be learned for the young girls who watch it. If I had to choose between oh, say Madonna (eewww!), or Barbie...Barbie wins hands down. If I had to choose between Christina Aguilera and Barbie...I'd choose Barbie.

Here's the media promo for the DVD: [no, I did not receive compensation, other than a free viewing of the DVD, for this mention]

This May, Barbie trades in the fantasy worlds of princesses and fairies for the real world of school, friends and fun with the DVD premiere of The Barbie Diaries, an all-new release from Lionsgate and Mattel Entertainment.  Featuring a new, distinctive toon-shaded CGI-animated look and a hip, fun soundtrack of eight pop songs that girls will love, this all-new release will target both the traditional Barbie video fan, as well as a slightly older girl, aged 5-12.  The film follows Barbie and her friends as they begin a new school year full of exciting surprises. With her special diary and charm bracelet in tow, Barbie learns many valuable lessons about friendship, self-confidence and achieving her dreams as she enters this new phase of her life.  The Barbie Diaries premieres on DVD on May 9, 2006 and is supported by an entire line of dolls, electronic toys and consumer products from Mattel currently at retail.  The title will be available as a DVD giftset that includes a special collectible Barbie Diary for the suggested retail price of $24.98, as well as on DVD for $19.98.

3. Here's some news that will really knock your socks off - from the pen of one of my favorite op-ed columnists, Ellen Goodman, comes this ditty: "Grannies speak truth to the power-to-be." [registration required - I grabbed it from my local Sunday Gannett] The story goes a bit like this, "...in Manhattan, 18 women of granny age, full of wit and wisdom, have just won a court case and sent their protest story around the world." See results here. Go, Grannies, go!

4. From an April 19th issue of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, this headline caught my eye, "Black entrepreneurs growing in number." According to staff reporter Ben Rand, "From 1997 to 2002, black-owned businesses grew by more than 54 percent in Monroe and five surrounding counties, drivien largely by dramatic increases in Rochester. Both numbers top the state and nation, which grew by 49 percent and 45 percent, respectively." The key to this story lies in the pictures of the business owners: they're women. I'm sure all those business that opened were not woman-owned, but...a great many were. And, just as important, the story gives statistics on the rise of Hispanic-owned businesses and women-owned businesses. I just think we should be aware that within those numbers there are a good many home-based businesses - and they rely on the Internet, on you and me, and other bloggers, for information, news, commentary, and even where to find the best deals on office supplies and equipment.Older_workers_wanted_1

5. How about this news article [date not included...sorry], from Gannet News Service, "Employers seek ways to keep, hire valuable older workers." This PDF explains the benefit of hiring older workers, who...as I've mentioned many times before, are mostly female.

6. That's a nice segue into the next bit of news, concerning women's wages. "Now it's time for women to get even," from the Washington Post, quotes Evelyn Murphy, an economist and a former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts: "So let's just get this straight right now, says Murphy: That 23-cent differential is not because some women take time off to give birth or raise children. The pay-gap figure measures only women and men who work full time, for a full year. It does not include women who took time off during the year or worked part time." Furthermore, "Murphy argues that every chief executive or head of an organization needs to look at payroll and see if there is a systematic underpayment of women in various job categories." Heavy stuff. Important stuff. Visit Murphy's website [the Wage Project] for more ways "to get even."

I think that's enough to digest for today. Be sure to check this space Thursday - I have an interview with America's top couple. Ok...that's MY description of them. But, I think you'll agree with me when you read this Smart Couple Online interview. These two put the fun in funabulistic ...and don't write telling me that isn't a word. I told you when I started this blog that I'd make up words now and then.

Meanwhile, I have a surprise for tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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Great blog. I'm starting to be a blog addict now, since I don't have much to do at home.


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