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Fit by Five - Where are the Women Bloggers

So, I ask you...where ARE the women bloggers?

And, I answer...oh please! That's a tired, old question from another decade. The women bloggers are...ONLINE! As I was preparing my opening remarks for Friday's Roundtable, Beyond Blogging, I thought I'd do an updated search on the term "women bloggers" - so I could see what people were saying today. Now. This year.

I'm not going to quote anyone or anything cause mainstream media is still saying the same thing - and missing the point. Kudos to those (mostly male) writers who lament, "Why are the women being ignored?" Or, "There should be more women in the [favorite list of choice] Top 100." They're trying to get it.

I will post more on this topic - and yes, it relates totally to marketing to women online - in the weeks to come. I will write about the Roundtable Discussion (and probably gush over meeting all the great panel members - cause that's what I do), and I will let you know Where the Women Bloggers Are...although, with just a few keyboard strokes, you could easily find them on your own.

Here's a preview... A Fit by Five that reveals Where the Women Bloggers Are:

1. A lot of them will be at the WOMBAT in San Francisco, June 20-21st. Yes, I love Word-of-Mouth Marketing. I spoke on a panel at the last WOMBAT. And, women are so good at this ... I think you should consider attending the WOMBAT, if you can. Use this code "yvonnesentme" and you'll get $75 off! Don't let the discount code dictate your decision - you need to be at this event if you haven't attended a WOMMA event yet. The one I presented at was one of the best marketing events I've ever been to! A top 5!

2.  A whole lot of women bloggers are - in that outstanding category called Mommy Bloggers. I know, they bristle at that label but...that's because too many mainstream reporters use it in a disparaging manner. As if being a Mommy Blogger was - frivilous. To them I say: The hand the rocks the cradle, rules the world. The political blogs of the day pale in comparison. The group site noted here is just the tip of the iceberg. Ignore these women at your peril! [I'm waiting for someone to start a GrandMom's Blog Site - now, WE could teach you something about sales and marketing!]

3. Blogher - of course, this megasite rocks the Internet with strong, fantastic women. Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins, and Lisa Stone are three women you want in your rolodex. [do people still have rolodexes? should I be saying, in your PDA?] If you aren't aware of the Blogher Conference being held in July this year, you're living under a rock! I'll be there. And so will hundreds - that's right - hundreds of strong, wicked women bloggers!

4. Click on over to this Women's Blogging Webring and read the caption... here's a teaser... New_world"Definition are boundaries, and boundaries are anathema to Webloggers..."

5. The last collective women's blog I leave you with today should get you riled. And, it should show the power of women banding together to change social ills. Blank Noise is about sexual harassment in India...but, it's also about women everywhere being insulted , challenged, harassed, or ignored just because we're women. 

Watch this space (the Internet) - because I predict that women bloggers are going to change the world! Or, start a new one of our own.


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Michael Rubin, WOMMA

We made your top 5? That's high praise indeed! Thank you, though. The kind words are definitely appreciated. Hopefully, we'll see you and everyone else at WOMBAT 2.

Thanks for the links to the other great sites mentioned here. It's terrific to see so much positive energy going around. To paraphrase another great blogger - Michele Miller, over at Wizard of Ads - woman bloggers are kicking butt!

Lisa Stone

Thank you Yvonne! You're my quote of the day: "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Nice.

Heidi - I hope you can join us. You can check out the line-up of discussions via Yvonne's link above.

Heidi Miller

Ah, thank you for reminding me to reconsider BlogHer. I've wanted to go, but my personal conference schedule is limited, what with all the conference I attend for clients. But that weekend seems to be free, so I'll take another look!

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