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American Royalty? What's wrong with this picture?

Just back from our outstanding trip to Washington, DC to be part of a blogging panel (of thought leaderships - so some people are saying) which I will write about later on, but which you can access more information on at their blog, Beyond Blogging 2006. The webinar is pending.... Read more →

Fit by Five - Where are the Women Bloggers

So, I ask you...where ARE the women bloggers? And, I answer...oh please! That's a tired, old question from another decade. The women bloggers are...ONLINE! As I was preparing my opening remarks for Friday's Roundtable, Beyond Blogging, I thought I'd do an updated search on the term "women bloggers" - so... Read more →

On the Road Again...Yvonne Talks Blogs

Last Friday at my local Rochester Professional Consultants Network meeting, our speaker discussed networking approaches - the how and why of connecting to others to help drive business or referrals. He was affable enough, funny enough, and knew his stuff. But, he said only one thing that I hadn't heard... Read more →