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Par Excellence - For the Executive Woman

Regular readers may have noticed something new about Lip-sticking in the last week or so. In the upper right corner is a beautiful logo which, when clicked, will take you to the Par Excellence Magazine website. Par Excellence is sponsoring Lip-sticking. In return, I will be contributing content to the site - specifically to the Nitty Gritty pages. They are not populated with content yet - but stay tuned! I'm working on a number of great stories for that section.

I have to tell you the story of my connection with Par Excellence. It all came about via this blog. Parexcellence_logo Well, not exactly. It started with Todd Edwards, the publisher of the magazine, dedicated to serving his clients - women executives in the U.S. - who found me during a Google search on marketing to women.

He wrote me a note, I visited the website, we decided to talk...and we are now working together, albeit, virtually for the time being. The website attracted me with its air of professionalism married to a soft, feminine look. I read over the content and found it useful, relevant, and focused on the market it serves, quite well. Todd expressed an interest in collaborating - to serve the executive women's market more effectively with not only excellent content and advertising, but with an actual woman's voice. For now, that will be my voice. But, as Todd and I share ideas, I know we will add more women's voices to the site.

Yes, there is a blog in the future. Until we have a blog of our own, however, I will choose some select blogs to highlight on the Blogging Excellence with Yvonne page. The Excellence in Writing page will have book reviews and interviews. If you know of a successful executive woman with a good story to tell, email me here and write: Par Ex Story in the subject line. If you have a favorite book you'd like featured - email me here with Book Review Par Ex Site, in the subject line. If you have other comments about the site, email Todd here with Comments on Site in the subject line.

I'm off to do wedding stuff with daughter #2 in Buffalo, NY. Watch this space - tomorrow I'll be bringing you some Girl-Talk with a favorite lady friend of mine who has just started a fun, new project I know you will all want to know about. It's marketing (to women and men) at its best!


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