A Little Girl-Talk with Doryn's Dish
A Fit by Five and Then Some - from Yvonne

Yvonne Discovers The Power of We

I found them. The women the Internet lost. Well, personally, I never thought they were lost. In fact, I routinely showcase them on this blog - the power-women, the ones out there changing the world; the ones quietly (?) tending hearth and home - a job that still does not get the respect it deserves; and the ones struggling to figure out who they are.

During the last few weeks, I've had the privilege of connecting with some interesting minds - minds exploring some of the same questions I explore. Such as, Where are the Female Bloggers? After some discussion with Steve (one of the bloggers at Synergy Weblog), I agreed to talk openly on the topic, via an interview. I follow several other, excellent ladies, and I am not the last you'll be hearing from, if you continue (as I hope you will) to follow this thread at Synergy.

Here's a bit of what you'll find there [totally out of context - you'll just have to visit the blog to get the real deal]...

Steve: by deliberately reaching out to women like yourself, we will be accomplishing part of our goal, but more importantly, the conversation that results can lead us into.... well, who knows? We'll just have to find out.

ME: It's not only good of you to include women, it's something I like to talk about now and then - the fact that men do like us. Just as we like them! Would that we (you and I and others like us) can show the world that men and women know how to play nice together. Albeit, we may still disagree on things now and then. ;-)

This link takes you to the real meaty part of the interview - bon appétit!


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Marcia Merrill

I'm a She blogger and love writing about midlife women and their transitions! been reading your blog-you inspired me to blog!
Looking forward to interviewing you next week!

Take care
Marcia Merrill,CCMC, JCTC

Marcia the Transitions Chick!
Turning midlife into the RIGHT Life!

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Hi Yvonne!

I've been reading "you" for awhile via Dick Richards blog.

Thanks for your insight and intelligent observations about "us" girl bloggers! :) We DO like men who are interested in what we have to say eh? :) The gender biases are slowly eroding through the power of this new medium of communication. I like reading the thoughts of intelligent blokes just as I appreciate intelligent blokes reading what I have to say.

It seems to me that we, both men and women, seem to understand each other better through this written communication - a.k.a. Blogging!

Maybe that's because it doesn't have all the "noise" attached as in bodies, voices, eyes. They're all good, of course, in their place but can also make everything so confusing as well!

Blogging makes our thoughts and intent clearer somehow - I don't quite know how but I can feel it! :)

Love the interview with Steve over at Synergy. :)

Really interesting stuff! :) And you KNOW "us" girls like anything thats "interesting" eh? ;)



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