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And the Winners Are...

The winners of the Marketing Sherpa Reader's Choice Awards have been announced. Surely you know this by now. I am sorry to have neglected this announcement this week but...I've been a tad busy with Dr visits. (nothing serious - simple tests - all negative results - I'll live to write another day)

Meanwhile, guess who won: the men. Hmmm...what does this mean? Reader's Choice means the readers voted - and in the end, not enough of them voted for the women. One woman's blog was included in the honorable mentions, but overall, the men took the gold. Starshine

I'd be annoyed but how can I be when many of the winners are delightful friends of mine? Friends like the so talented Andy Wibbels. Go, Andy! And, Tom Pick - who can argue against the quality of his blog? Then, there is Chris Baggott - again, a professional blog with excellent content. And, of course, the outstanding John Jantsch of Duck Tape Marketing. To these good bloggers - I offer a hearty congrats! and a big hug. You earned it.

IF we ladies would compete in 2007, we have our work cut out for us. Not only in maintaining our excellent blogs (and the ladies blogs were/are just as good as the men's blogs) but in learning to toot our own horn. One does not get the votes if one does not ask for them. <sigh> Since I did ask, and failed to garner even an honorable mention - I must retreat to plan my strategy for next year.

For me, I had fun. And, I know the winners well - they're the best. I say -- there is nothing not to like about that!


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Account Deleted

Well, I would have voted for you (and Toby and myself too) if I could have gotten in to vote. I could never get it to work. Seems they had real difficulty handling the volume.

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