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I always look forward to Monday morning when I'm certain it's going to start with a beautiful sunrise full of warm sunlight and a few cottony clouds drifting in a lazy sky. The neighborhood I live in is so quiet in the mornings - with the only sound a soft calling of birds or the buzz of insects stirring to meet the day. When Tom and I manage to get ourselves into our sweats to walk the dog, I step out into the day - still mildly cool with that early morning bite to it - and take a deep breath. I'm Rochester_ny drinking in the fresh air - I'm drinking in the possibility. Because each new day is overflowing with possibility.

Monday, especially, seems bulging at the seams with new thoughts, refocused 'old' thoughts, and the occasional intuitive, "Aha! I have the answer..." to a problem agonized over during the previous day or night. Monday gives me the Monday Morning Wizard, a favorite early read. It gives me a rush knowing I have another week to complete existing projects (or, almost complete them), and to start new ones, or revisit ones that somehow got dropped in the, "I'll do that later" bin.

This isn't just a girl-thing. It isn't just a Mom-thing. It's - a way of thinking, thing. If you think the day has promise, it will reward you. If you think the day is cloudy and full of unpleasantness, it will reward you, again. Either way, YOU have the means to make it a Great Day! as a good friend of mine says.

On this Great Monday Morning, I have one exciting (and blushing) announcement, and one favor.

The announcement is that I finally wrote my "Blogger Story" for Toby Bloomberg. Most regular readers know that Toby is a very good blogger friend. One I've had the delight to meet in person and will be seeing at Blogher in July. Toby began a new blog some time ago, to showcase the stories we bloggers have to tell, that we don't really share on our blogs. She calls it "Blogger Stories" and it's becoming quite popular. I hope you'll take a moment today to hop over and read my little story, then come back and tell me what you think. It has an intersting thought at the end. (well, I think it's interesting...in the best marketing to women online way possible!)

Now for my favor - sometime ago I used to be favored with a link on the great Tom Peters blog. Yup. According to Cathy, one of his staff, I was the first women's blog they found online. I was quite proud of that and of having a link to Tom.

Somehow...I have fallen out of favor with Mr. Peters. I am not going to whine and cry and beg you to write and ask him to reinstate Lip-sticking. But, perhaps...you could visit his blog and...ask him why he removed Lip-sticking? I have asked and the silence reverberates through my office like an echo from an anciet, empty church. Hence, I don't think my asking again will be of any use. I'm merely curious about WHY I was dropped? Did I commit a faux pas? Perhaps it was nothing. Perhaps Tom Peters no longer finds Lip-sticking relevant. I can accept that. It's the not knowing that distracts me - every now and then.

There is no reason to be reinstated - I notice he has plenty of good people on his blogroll...but, as a woman, I'm curious. My heart asks, "Mr. Peters, did I offend you? "

If you have a moment today, please go over to Tom Peters' blog and ask him for me. I know curiosity killed the cat but...I also know, satisfaction brought him back. Please be respectful and use courtesy. A simple, "Out of curiosity, might I ask why Lip-sticking is no longer listed in your blogroll, Mr. Peters?" That's all. Maybe someone will deign to reply. On this sunshiny Monday, I have high hopes.

Thank you all, and Have a Great Monday!


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I'm a week late (sorry) but it is done! LOL

Left your question at:

Hope it helps! You deserve good links!


Hi you little romantic blogger diva! You know I love it.

Ann Handley

Yvonne --

Great BloggerStory! Can I be a blogger bridesmaid?

Yvonne DiVita

Denise, it's all about Love, isn't it? Romance...that tingle in your tummy and the way your heart goes thumpa-thumpa! And then, when I stop thinking about blogging and think about Tom...well! This is a family blog...I'll leave the secret thoughts about Tom a secret! :-) Cheers!

Denise aka The Blog Squad

Congrats on your Blogger Story, Yvonne. I just read it and I love your romantic story. All the stories are inspiring and The Blog Squad is proud to be included as well. And, I want to let you know that Patsi and I will be attending BlogHer this year and we look forward to meeting you, Toby and all the other fabulous bloggers!

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