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Nominate Your Favorite Blog then...get to NYC!

It's a hot, hot day here in Rochester. Not as hot as it could be, I suppose. But, the humidity penetrates my brain and makes me too sleepy. I have to get up and move around a lot more. Thank goodness for fans! And...all this talk about HOT is just an introduction to some really HOT, HOT on.

TODAY and TODAY only, Marketing Sherpa is taking nominations for various blogging awards, as they did last year. Last year Lip-sticking was runner-up to the so marvelous Michele Miller (an honor in and of itself). If YOU like this blog, please take a moment to nominate it for best blog - marketing to women. AND...nominate your other FAV blogs for the other niches. Visit this page and support your local blogger!

More importantly, I was sent some extrs-ordinarily marvelous news from Juan Tornoe at Hispanic Trending. I so admire Juan's blog and the good content he provides about our exciting Latino population. He wanted to let me know about the HOT TAMALES! Click here and...enjoy!

In fact, go to the show...and come back to report. I am unable to attend...but I urge all my NY city friends to do so - and share the gold! Here are the details (much thanks to Juan)

"Hot Tamales LIVE - East Meets West" -- The BEST female comics from LA meet the Best from NYC!!! This is a limited ENGAGEMENT... don't miss out on it, if you're in NYC.Hottamalesliveny

  • Thursday, June 22nd @ 8PM
  • Friday, June 23rd @ 8PM and 10PM
  • Saturday, June 24th @ 8PM and 10PM
  • Sunday, June 25th @ 8PM

LAUGH FACTORY@ TIMES SQUARE: 302 WEST 42nd STREET (entrance on 8th Ave), NY, NY 10036. Get your tickets (212) 586-7829 or visit The Laugh Factory.

$25 per person/ 2 drink minimum (MUST be 21 or older). For VIP and Press Passes only, call 310-709-5617 or email your request to kikikiss.

With Your Host: Kiki Melendez

All Star Comics From LA: Amy Anderson, Kate Rigg, Kira Soltanovich, Randi Kaplan, Sandra Vals, Shayma Tash, Betsy Salkind, Julie Goldman and Yvette Wilson.

All Star Comics From NYC: Bernadette Pauley, Cory Kahaney, Jessica Kirson, Judy Gold, Maija Di Giorgio, Mimi Gonzalez, Sara Contreras, and Vanessa Hollingshead. Robin Montague, Laurie Kilmartin. 

With Mucho Machos: Dean Obeidallah, Joey Vega, J.J. Ramirez & Ruperto Vanderpool

Need I say more? Oh, yeah... Line Up Changes Every Night!


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Congrats & good luck.

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