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Print is Dead, Long Live Print

Those of us immersed in the digital world can sometimes get smug about our superiority over "old" media - like newspapers. After all, digital is always on, accessible at the click of a mouse, updated minute by minute, and has better pictures. Old media, like newspapers, struggles to keep up.

Or does it? I know a number of people who insist that they read ALL of their news online. They open those favorite newletters to read about the latest in search, the latest in interactive media, or just to read about knitting. These people swear up and down the avenue that print is dead. Print is so old-media. Print is cumbersome and out-of-date.

Maybe...maybe not. For some of us, print is still as popular as ever. Those eager online groupies will lead you astray, if you let them. If you're planning to reach women - either online or off - you need to include print in your mix. We ladies LOVE the Internet. We LOVE digital. We LOVE being able to research who you are and what you're all about...via the web. But, we still like our print publications, too. In fact, we really like our newspaper.Woman_reading_paper

I find reading the paper in bed, sipping my first cup of coffee, to be a relaxing way to start my day. I don't always get to do that during the work week, but you can bet I save Saturday and Sunday for lounging in bed until -- I feel like it. And, I bring my paper with me. It seems that I'm not alone...

A full-page advertisement from Newspaper National Network, on the back of my March issue of Advertising Age, claims that, "Newspaper Readers 'Mono-Task' "

They say, "When consumers were asked how often they are 'doing other things while reading, watching, listening to or accessing the media,' the Internet and newspapers were found to have the greatest focus."

Ah, but it gets better. Their next headline shouts, "Women Say Newspaper Ads Influence Purchases Most"

What! (That's what you're saying to yourself, admit it) Newspapers? And, what does this have to do with marketing to women ONLINE?

Just everything. Marketing isn't a one-size fits all kind of task. The big deal today is integrated marketing, and in that mix, I'm saying include newspapers if you want to reach the ladies. In fact, SEND them to your website via a newspaper ad. What a concept! Send them to the page you want them to visit...the one with your latest, greatest offer! Show them you've taken the time to find out where to reach them (in print)...and then, get'em to click their mouse for more, more, more!

Lest you still harbor the silly thought that print is dead (or dying), check out this little tidbit from Frank Barnako's blog - about the Guardian Media Group offering the afternoon edition for download, so readers can PRINT it and read it on the train going home. No, Americans aren't going to download a print publication to read on the train ride home, but...we will do so to read later on, when we're bored with the reruns on TV, and we aren't up to sitting in front of a computer monitor for another hour and a half.

Reality: the ladies enjoy a good read that they can hold in their hands. Don't rule out print, and don't ignore newspapers. The ladies, at least, are still reading.

p.s. [content added]  I was so intent on print media, I forgot to mention: Marketing Sherpa is having its annual Reader's Choice Blog awards. Voting is open until Friday, June 16th. This blog is nominated as one of the best in Marketing to a Specific Group or Demographic. Your vote is greatly appreciated. I was delighted to discover a number of new blogs, when I went to the link to vote, yesterday. I recommend a visit, if for no other reason than discovering a number of new blogs that are doing a terrific job in their niche. Perhaps yours is one of them?


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Wendy Maynard

Hi Yvonne,

Congratulations on your nomination. Your blog is awesome and you deserve the nomination. Go, go, go Lipsticking!!!!

Cheers, Wendy Maynard
Kinetic Ideas

Buzzoodle Ron

Thanks for visiting my blog an commenting. You have an Outstanding and informative blog too. Good luck with the award

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