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Tomorrow I'll be spending the day in my CEO Fellows group. I missed the last one because I was in D.C. at Beyond Blogging. That was an event I will never forget! And, it continues to inspire thoughts on...what beyond blogging is. In fact, I am thinking more and more about that topic because my trip to Blogher is coming up in a month. I will be quite silly with delight by then - surrounded by hundreds of women bloggers! And mingling with some fantastic ladies (and men - I hope!).

While we all wait for that - I have to fill this space with some relevant, decent content on - marketing to women. Sometimes I get tired of saying that, but...say it I must. Because, although women are getting more attention in media and advertising these days, there is still a long way to go. Plus, the online space is still scratchy. By that I mean that within the online advertising and marketing space, everything is up for grabs. No one has really figured it out. Integrated marketing is big, multi-media is big, sponsored ads are big, social media is big...etc. etc.Bubbles

So, trying to figure out how to reach one specific demographic, like women, is like trying to catch soap bubbles. Even when you get one to balance on your fingertip, a soft breeze can easily blow it away. Rather than chase after it - and watch it explode in front of your eyes - I say stop and reflect, and start over. The ladies will come back if you give them something to come back to.

So, rather than lecture today, or report, I thought I'd search my Saved folder to see what I had collected that might fit in this space today. I got lucky. Apparently, I save whole lotta stuff! And some of it is really good. If you're looking for content to get the ladies (young and not so young) to your are three great places to get it -

Chronic Babe - what a great approach! Talk about illness without getting maudlin. Since I have a chronic illness, you know I'm going to love places that provide good info. Here's where you get it.

Over at Get Known Now, my new best blogging buddy, Suzanne Falter-Barns, has a wealth, and I mean a wealth! of marketing advice and information. If you want to be successful getting in front of the ladies...or need to visit Suzanne's blog. She has a contest you won't want to miss! Hurry - deadline is Saturday!

And, last, but surely not least, a site about Food. Yes, about the sustenance we consume every day. About myths and misconceptions and the why we eat what we eat. Are you what you eat, as we used to say in the 80s (I think). Maybe. Check it out. Great stuff for thoughtful conversations.

Get the women talking have the beginnings of a great relationship. What's not to like about that?

p.s. Don't forget to go over to Marketing Sherpa and vote for your favorite Reader's Choice blog. Lip-sticking is there, smack dab in the middle of some stellar blogs on marketing. Have fun clicking the boxes! Voting is open until Monday, since there was a problem with the survey link earlier today.


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Clair Ching

Awesome links! :)

Get the women talking have the beginnings of a great relationship. What's not to like about that?

- I agree with you on that. I guess being natural social creatures who enjoy talking blogging and all this social software phenomenon online is awesome. I still read a lot of tech blogs written by men but I can't help but love it when I see women's perspectives.

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