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The Wisdom of the Flying Pig

There's an old saying I remember using during my high school and college years - when term papers were due and I was going to be a tad bit late with mine. I was fond of saying, "Better late than never." My teachers and professors, all good folk, were kind and understanding. They replied with, "Better never late." And, I my work was downgraded accordingly.

Such is life. One makes attempts to be efficient and on time, and occasionally fails. So it is with a number of review books that have come my way in the last six months or so. They are all important books to me. I accepted them with the full responsibility of reading them and providing feedback, whether in a book review here, or an email to the author.

Today, I'm delighted to say I finally forced myself to read The Wisdom of the Flying Pig by Jack Hayhow, on Sunday. You may think that forcing myself to read this book meant I found it a chore. On the contrary, I finally forced myself to read it because it's been on my mind for months. I read the first page the day it arrived - with it's little battery operated flying pig - and I was immediately intrigued. But, at the time, there were too many other things occupying my time, and I had to put it aside for another day.

When I read Michele Miller's mention of the book on her blog, I was reminded that...I had not done my due diligence for Jack. And still, I procrastinated. The book sat by my desk day after day... that goofy smiling pig with its Superman take-off stance, patiently awaiting my eyeballs.

So, when I finally picked it up yesterday - after deciding to treat myself to a day of reading, instead of writing, I was prepared for a quick read, but not a thoughtful one. After all, how much advice can one take from a flying pig?

A lot. This book surprised me. I wanted a quick read - and I did read it quickly - but it begs a more thoughtful approach. It's the kind of book you'll want to highlight for insight. It's the kind of book you'll want to stop and pause in your reading, throughout, to give some thought to what is written. It's the kind of book that doesn't overwhelm with page after page of dry writing - but engages with fun stories and true life events.

For instance - here's a question on page 6 that had me blinking my eyes in surprise: "Are your people more productive working for you than they would be working for someone else?" Hmmmm...

I think this quote, from John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods (Forbes, February 12, 2005 - according to Jack's notes), should be hung over every manager's desk: "Business is simple. Management's job is to take care of employees. The employee's job is to take care of customers. Happy customers take care of the shareholder." Wisdom_of_the_flying_pig

Here's what I think about The Wisdom of the Flying Pig - it's a treasure of advice, insight, and thought provoking quotes. On the back cover, Jack promises, "There's inspiration. Stories and ideas and really big questions. As you think about what's written on these pages, you might find your way to the very heart of management - or come face to face with the profound responsibility of leadership."

Every new hire should get a copy of this book. Every entrepreneur should read this book. Every employee who aspires to management, should read this book.

And then, go back and read it again. I know I will.


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Clair Ching

Therefore, I should get a copy of this book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the book. I hope I find one locally.

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