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Your Mission - Should You Accept it - Is to Shop

Marketing to women online isn't rocket science or part of some deep psychological disseration dissertation on brain chemistry. Sometimes, it's just good, old-fashioned common sense.

You need to know WHO the women you're marketing to are; Moms? Echo Boomers? Homeowners?

You need to know WHERE they live: NY? NYC? Big difference - too many people think 'NY' is New York City. It's not. Maybe your women live in FL, or LA, or Denver. Think those women don't shop differently? Think again.

You need to know how the women you're marketing to think, and where they congregate, online and Businesswoman_3off. You need to know what's happening in their lives - who's getting married, who's getting divorced, who's kids are going off to college, who's just starting her family now.

Yep. You need to know all that. And more. That's part of behavioral marketing, so the pundits say today. I say it's just part of sales. That fine line between sales and marketing can make you or break you - because in the end, if you stay on one side or the other, you might miss some of the most important information you need. Sales isn't just identifying a 'market' and producing a product to serve it. Marketing isn't just creating pretty pictures and captions to engage your target market. Sales is building relationships. Marketing is the open door, the cup of coffee, the invitation, to begin a relationship.

And so...here are today's Fit By Five bytes of advice on marketing to women online - How to Engage  Shoppers on a Mission.

1. Shopper Mindset Survey Reveals the Purpose and Type of Shopping Trip Are More Likely to Influence the Willingness to Browse: In this press release from BIG Research and MARS advertising, the two companies compared shoppers, ones that were on a "mission" to get something requested by a family member, and ones that were out for a leisurely trip to the store. (I beg to differ with their description - there is no such thing as 'leisurely trip' to the store, today. It's rush, rush, rush, and get lost in a mish-mash of 'stuff'...most of it useless and unworthy of hanging on the racks).

According to their results, more of the "leisure" shoppers were in the mood to buy. To which I say, "Duh." Lesson learned: get'em while they're relaxed. Shopping in a relaxed atmosphere is a prime reason women shop online. So, when you're planning your next online campaign, can you identify WHEN your ladies are at their most relaxed? What time of day? What day of week?

2. Wake up world: not all Women are from Venus! In this article from Businessweek Online, back in the ancient days of 2000, the world learned that "Brokers are from Mars, Women are from Venus" when the 800-lb gorilla of the brokering world, Schwab, decided to start marketing to women. Lightbulb moment, no doubt. Thing is - that was then. This is now. Women woke up around 2002 and realized that living on Venus was fun (lots of personal perks), but it got boring after awhile.

So, they flew back to Earth in droves. Today, women are prime members of the financial world. They manage their own money quite well, thank you. In fact, women are predicted to dominate the world of wealth, in the next four years. I am not one of them - I get a rash just thinking about numbers and money - but, I know dozens of women who delight in complex financial computations. They're the ladies I allow to handle MY money. And, if you want them to buy from you - you'd better not bring up the Venus thing. Or, talk down to them. Or, ask where their husband is. Or, think they can't calculate rate of return in their heads. In a day or two, I'm going to announce a new book about women that covers this topic. Stay tuned.

3. Which leads to this book, written by a man (sometimes men almost get it right - and when they do, it's worth writing about), the Enhanced Second Edition of "21 Ways Women in Management Shoot  Themselves in the Foot." Business coach, John McKee, wrote the book and offers some valuable insight - "It's shocking and frankly unacceptable that only 4 percent of America's largest companies have women CEOs. This is clearly not represenative of a woman's ability or desire to lead, but rather is reflective of the cold hard fact that gender bias 'does' still exist in the 21st century workplace."

What John doesn't seem to realize is that - women ARE CEOs, of their lives and their families' lives, these days. And, we're taking charge in more powerful ways than vieing for that corner office at Xerox, or IBM, or some Fortune 500 company that professes to 'care about' its clients, but really only cares about the bottom line. Women are taking over- one at a time, in smaller, entreprenurial ventures. And then - partnering to build strong empires that will rock ... well, you get the drift. Again, I like McKee's attitude, but...when I announce the latest publication on women and world dominance - you'll all want a copy. Buy two - one for yourself and one to share. It's the womanly thing to do.

4. Let's get into some fun, now. Women like to have fun. Some of us have forgotten how, but... I recommend reintroducing us to it. For instance, this publisher has announced the launch of a new line of "sensual novels for women."  According to the press release, "Readers can also spice up their lives by entering random drawings to win one of 50 Limited Edition Spice Up Your Life Booty Parlor LoveKits™ (retail value $216.90) or one of 200 Spice Up Your Life Booty Parlor Gift Sets (retail value $30.95). " So...what are YOU offering me, today? This is your competition.

5. I'm going to end with a more serious note. Something that speaks to me - as a woman, and as a citizen of these United States. Recently, WME Books was introduced to the most amazing young woman, locally. She's a member of that large group we call the disabled. Those of us without disabilities lump everyone into that group, labeling them - correctly or incorrectly - as "less than" able. When, in reality, they're as able as any of us. This young woman is working on a project that has us very excited. We are preparing a proposal to help her with this project, and to change the way the world looks at - the visually impaired.

Yes, she's blind. Has been since birth. It hasn't held her back. She's a world-traveler. She holds down a job. Lives on her own. Owns a pet. Goes to the movies! Uses a computer! Reads! And much, much more. The reason I bring this up is because a new report from AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities) reveals that "when it comes to purchasing decisions and whether consideration is given to companies that demonstrate support for people with disabilities, over 70 percent of AAPD members living with disabilities said they purchase for that very reason."  Blind_workers

Technology, according to the article, has streamlined and simplified their "work/life balance." And, most importantly, they SHOP ONLINE! Are you paying attention? Do you recognize the power of this group - and the fact that women are intimately connected to it? I say intimately because women are the do-gooders of the world. Where there is need, you will find a woman - and dozens of her friends and colleagues.

Understand that when you support people with disabilities, you not only reach a vibrant new market of people, you get the attention of all the women without disabilities - who have friends and relatives in that group. Women who value attention given to worthwhile causes - and, who mimic the members of the AAPD - by buying from companies that care.


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