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Debbie Weil and the Corporate Blogging Book

Books, books, books...Regular readers of this blog already know I'm a bookaholic. (I borrowed that phrase from a good Toastmaster friend, btw). I love books. Books are the reason I exist. And, books are one of the reasons I write this blog - to talk about the latest, greatest book on  - well, often on blogging or women. Those are my target topics.

And so...here's a new book I'm recommending. Anyone who hasn't been introduced to Debbie Weil over at her blog (one of many), is missing out on some valuable information regarding blogging, corporate marketing, and just plain good relationship building. This is a lady with smarts. I admit to being a fond admirer. Hey, I know a good thing when I see it - rather, when I read it.

Hence, this note...to give you all a big head's up:

Debbie Weil's The Corporate Blogging Book, published by Penguin Portfolio, will be out in only 4 weeks and available in bookstores beginning August 3rd. Because I know Debbie, and because I think this book is a must-have... you can get a great preview through the free chapter download
she's offering.

It's a meaty excerpt - the complete text of Chapter 1: "Top 20 Questions About Corporate Blogging."

Of course, because Debbie is a good online marketer, she's offering a BONUS -- a handy PDF of the best charts in the book -- to anyone who pre-orders on Amazon. This is one good opportunity.

All you have to do is forward your Amazon sales receipt to her at wordbiz(at)gmail(dot)com. She'll send you the bonus PDF via return email.

Debbie has promised me a review copy of her book in mid-July. Kirkus Reports has already given it a thumbs up. They're calling it "smart, witty and accessible." Corporate_blogging_book

I know - you want my opinion. Well, I think I'm on solid ground when I say that this book needs to be on your desk ASAP. I have no doubt that Debbie has covered all the bases.  When she and I sat down to lunch way back in -when was it that I did the Beyond Blogging thing? - she won me over in a heartbeat. Not merely because she's blog-smart and business-savvy, but because she's approachable. We chatted over salads (with Tom) for a good hour. We talked blogs, and family, and life, and why women aren't as represented in the blogosphere as we should be. We just couldn't stop talking!

Out of all of that I learned some valuable things about Ms. Weil. I learned that she cares about her clients. She cares about the people she's around, whomever they are. She wants to make a good impression not because it will further her career - but because she feels strongly about being honest and authentic.

A true blogger through and through.

You have your marching orders. Buy this book and share it with others. Today. Then come tell me what you think. Really.


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