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On Blogging and Blogher

Okay, marketing to women online is never boring, always amusing, and full of surprises. Over at Blogher, the posts about the event are colorful - exciting - funny - serious - and full of estrogen. But, of course!!! Here's more of my take...from an elderly statesmen - oops! - stateswo-men's... Read more →

Blogher To the Hilt!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2nd outstanding Blogher event, being held at the Hyatt in San Jose. Weather is lovely - warm, sunny, delightful! The hotel...well, more on that another time. Let's talk Blogher ladies! Rumor has it that there are over 700 of us scurrying about the Mediterranean... Read more →

Get Known Now - Or - Don't YOU Want to Announce that Oprah Called?

We're back. From the wilds of New York State. From the winding, dirt roads of back country America. From Lake Champlain, home of porcupines, trees, mice, trees, rain, trees, real solid American citizens (one who said he's never even been to a website!) and...trees. Did I say trees? Oh yes...and... Read more →

Susan B. Anthony Speaks Up - Are You Listening?

This post is a plea. A request for help. Susan B. Anthony needs your help. Not with donations, though I'm sure those are always welcome. Today, I am writing on behalf of this leader of the suffragist movement - to ask a favor. Read on... I'm delighted to be able... Read more →